Breaking Cycles and Taking the Stage: The Inspiring Story of Life and Love Coach Natalie Stavola

Please introduce yourself. What do you do? Why? What do you want people to know about you?

I am a certified life and love coach, certified NLP as well as an actress, writer and producer.

I help people overcome wherever they are at in their life and end repeat toxic cycles so they can have the life they have always dreamed of while attracting in and learning how to keep all of the wonderful things life has to offer… and getting to be an example of it myself.

I do this because I know what it’s like to come from a crazier family (I say this with love, but… they know…) I know what it’s like to go through trauma, trials and constantly feeling like I’m not enough, I don’t deserve anything good.

How could I believe otherwise when I was constantly surrounded by people who tore me down? Trauma will do a number on your psyche.

So I got a degree in psychology and communications. I didn’t know what I was doing with it. I actually wanted to be an actress and perform… I have an artists soul and I grew up on stage.

But that was not allowed in my family… so studying about human behavior and secretly performing different elements of human behavior on the side is what I did instead.

Eventually I mustered up the courage to admit I was an artist. And my journey to believing in myself and speaking up for myself really began.

I had to learn how to navigate healing from abusive relationships, abusive bosses… and my own self sabotage… alcoholism. As fast as I was trying to run away from my problems, I didn’t realize I had to look inside first.

I hit a bottom (thank goodness) and got sober. I am currently as I write this, 5 years and 8 months sober. And I am grateful every single day for this. I got lucky. I got struck sober and granted a new life and a new chance.

After some more healing of my own and learning, I dove back into acting and writing. Telling stories and putting my vulnerability and heart on paper and in front of camera. I’ve gotten to win a few awards and I’ve now been in the film and television industry for over a decade, writing, producing and acting in content that also SHOWS human behavior and the hero’s journey of getting through the difficulties that life can throw at you.

I also get to teach people how to overcome their own pain, shame, trauma and toxic relationships/childhood to have an incredible life and love life, too.

I get to be an example of it. I get what it’s like to have absolutely no hope and the only thing that could comfort you was the bottom of the bottle (until that stops working, too).

I get to help people believe in themselves and watch their own lives take off… my clients have gotten promotions, awards, gotten married to incredible partners, stood up for themselves, healed from things that would destroy most and turn THAT into their own life purpose.

It’s an incredible gift to get to see WHY we go through what we go through… I get to continue to do this work and step into more self worth and self love, while showing others and teaching others how to do the same.

What qualities make you different and unique from everyone else in the industry?

Ha! Most likely what makes me different would be… my smart ass wit (although always with respect) and the little edge of mischief. I’m trouble but the good kind of trouble today.

I fight hard for people. I care about others deeply. And there’s a combination of strength, vulnerability, wit, power with an added no filter authenticity and humor.

Around anyone we’ll dive in deep talking about life, shadow work, and then be laughing so hard I’m snorting.

I think what makes me different is I make people feel comfortable and not judged… free… because I’ve done so much work to feel that in myself as well.

Describe THAT moment when you realized you’re doing what you were born to do.

My dads gonna kill me for this one but… it was when I was up for best actress at a film festival in Miami. It was for a film called Love and Hostages (which is on Amazon Prime). I didn’t think I stood a chance, and I was completely broke at the time.

Could barely pay rent. I had a mentor, Garry Marshall… he told me I needed to fly out to be there, that I’d win. He helped pay for my flight to get me there.

My dad and best friend Rose and her husband Joell all joined me. I was so nervous and ready to just thank them for being such a solid support in my life and a “hey, maybe next year…” when I heard my name being called.

I couldn’t believe it. My dad had to tell me to get up and get on stage.

I was handed the award for best actress in a feature and started saying my thank you’s and saw my dad tear up… (that’s the part he might kill me for) it’s rare to see that man cry. I think I’ve only seen it twice maybe 3 times.

But I saw how proud he was… everyone that was in the audience that I knew. I could see it in their eyes. Their belief in me…
It was then I knew I was on the right path.

It hasn’t been an easy one. I lost my mentor shortly after that and it was hard losing a legend in the industry and feeling like I lost that guidance… but I know im on the right path… i can still see it in the eyes of the people around me.

I just had to learn to see it in my own eyes. That belief in myself.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to go through and how did you grow through it?

Okay if we’re going there let’s go there!!

I didn’t know I was an alcoholic and addict… when you are one, you’re kinda the last person to figure it out. I battled with drugs and alcohol for a long time and after Garry (my mentor) passed away, I lost all hope.

I heard all of the negative voices in my head tear me down. I hated myself and it was getting worse. Success wasn’t helping the alcoholism like I thought it would and when Garry passed and it felt like my career was over…

I had nothing to live for anymore. Everything got ripped away after that. I hit a bottom (thank goodness) and eventually realized I’m an alcoholic and got help.

I got struck sober. I’m coming up on 6 years in May and this journey has been some of the craziest and most eye opening of my life… I’ve gotten to tackle the inner work, face my demons, heal from so much pain…

I learned how to look in the mirror and see Love reflecting back at me. The pain isn’t in my eyes anymore. I respect and love myself today and I can’t describe the gratitude I feel every day for that.

Who are the TOP 3 people you’d want to meet that could elevate your career or business?  Why these specific individuals?

Shonda Rhimes… I absolutely love her work, her writing, her presence… I would die to work under her and learn everything I could from her and act in her shows.

Kevin Feige – MARVEL MOVIES!!!!!!!!!! I do stunts and I’ve gotten to do voice over for a Marvel animation as black widow… I would die to be in the Marvel universe acting…

Megan Ellison- her films are absolutely incredible… how she operates and the projects she does… I would love to be around her and work with her. I am so curious on how her mind works and I feel like we’d get along.

I do a lot of dark humor with dramas/ dramadies… and her films excel at that. There’s so much depth.

There’s so many more people.

Especially people in sitcoms and rom coms… I’ve won awards for Romantic comedies and I do stand up now- so dark comedies, quick wit and depth are my thing. What incredible questions… thank you!!

Drop your social media links.

I am @nataliestavola all over
Tiktok and instagram Im mostly on
YouTube is also @nataliestavolacoach for coaching videos

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