About Us

The LA Note Magazine is a rapidly growing online publication focused on highlighting the amazing talent and loyal service providers who toil day-in-and-day-out to pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry.

What started as a clever way to make connections and form meaningful friendships, this thing has blossomed into a magical phenomenon birthing a community of raving supporters of each other’s talent & success.

Stick around, browse the various stories, link up on Instagram, and tell your friends. Our goal is to feature as many up-and-coming stars while giving you the real on other elements of the entertainment industry.

If you were hoping to find the founders of The LA Note Magazine, it’ll be apparent as you do your due diligence…dive into our ecosystem (website, IG, TikTok, email list) and read between the lines 😎

We’re waving hello to you in plain sight 😉

Grateful you’re here, please share our site with your peeps.



If you’re looking to get featured…

The ONLY way to get on is:

- if you were referred by someone or a company

- if you get a message directly from us 😉

- or if you get creative and ask around…

There’s NO cost to be on our rapidly growing site

However…you do have to invest time into your craft (it’ll show), invest energy into being the best version of yourself, and invest into your self-improvement by doing what’s necessary to succeed with integrity and humility.

Trust me, if you’re pursuing your dreams and doing the best you can…we’ll find you and put you on.

Press Releases

If you have an upcoming project or event…

Shoot us a Press Release and we’ll help you promote it 🙂

– Send the written Press Release in a Google Doc to this email info@thelanote.com, make sure the document is editable and NOT private in case we need to make some edits.