Networking Pro CALIZOE Spotted Wearing New & Trending Goggles in Miami

CALIZOE is a prominent networking professional who has made a name for himself in a plethora of industries such as music, modeling, and social media. He is the dot connector for individuals who need assistance with a variety of services including press, media, Instagram account recovery, and more!

As a multi-faceted businessman, Calizoe took the plunge and entered the fashion industry with a bang! He has launched his high end and stylish goggles and they can be seen on the faces of celebs like Antonio Brown! Calizoe has been spotted rocking his new goggles in several Miami clubs and he is definitely turning heads.

As his fans, supporters, clients, and audience grow, so does the demand for his new fashion accessory! Make sure you check Calizoe out on Instagram and Twitter by clicking on the links below!



Julz Mancini
Julz Mancini
Julz is an entertainment writer with deep connections to the industry. Her years of experience allow for a robust perspective to shine through her content while also serving as a top consultant to artists.


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