3 Must Follow Talent You’ll Want To Know

A YouTuber, Rapper/Producer, And TikTock Phenomenon Are On Track To Do Incredible Things, So Stay Connected

YouTuber Taylor Skeens

Taylor Skeens is a YouTuber and Actor. She worked hard to follow her dreams, even when she didn’t have the support of her family when she first started to create content. Taylor is now creating viral TikToks and befriending celebs like David Spade…I hear there is a meetup in the making. 

Read Taylors full interview here! 

Rapper & Producer Jerrell Rose aka Lyfestyle Musik

Jerrell Rose, Lifestyle Muzik, is an up and coming music producer, writer, musician and artist. His passion for music is heard in his lyrics or instrumental composition. He works hard to get himself noticed, while staying true to himself and his roots. 

Read Jerrell’s full interview here! 

TikTok Mega Influencer Nicole May Palmiotto

Nicole May Palmiotto is a talented dancer who has gained a huge following on the popular platform, TikTok. She impresses her fans with her flexibility and upbeat personality. Nicole has been creating content since she was 11 and has not stopped her hard work since. Clearly, it has paid off. 

Read Nicole’s full interview here! 

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