Chazz Oliver Announces Upcoming Single, “Feelin’ Fine” Featuring Neo Soul Artist Amanda Marie

Prestigious producer, Chazz Oliver, is known for his undeniable music abilities. Having worked with some of the industry’s most iconic celebrities, Chazz now focuses on elevating independent artists of the future. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Chazz regarding his new music endeavors. He announced that in just a few short days, he will be unveiling a new single titled, “Feelin’ Fine” featuring Amanda Marie.

Chazz and Amanda’s loyal supporters are highly anticipating the dynamic new song. The single is premiering shortly after Chazz’s single, “Set Me Free” amassed over 100k streams worldwide! This new track will surely reach new heights also. When asked what inspired the two artists two create, “Feelin’ Fine,” Chazz explained, “Having the opportunity to work with Amanda Marie, we felt like we needed a song that could really help people. We both have seen people, family, and friends go through addiction of one sort of another. We’ve seen how it can control and destroy not only their lives but the lives of the ones around them that love them. We just want people to know that they are not alone.”

With the world in turmoil currently, this single couldn’t have come at a better time! Addiction is at a boiling point along with other forms of mental illness and it is known that people turn to music as medicine. Chazz and Amanda have worked beautifully together to bring their vision to life.

Chazz expressed, “For Feelin’ Fine Amanda wanted to flow over a neo soul/R&B vibe. I  typically start out on the piano working out the parts. I had the music in my head for sometime but was waiting, no pun intended, for the right artist and Amanda was it. I recorded the music in my studio and sent her the track. I had the hook in mind and she just ran with it. She is an amazing song writer and singer. It is an honor to be able to feature her on this song.” With his remarkable skill set, Chazz is able to create a masterpiece from the ground up and it appears he has found the perfect feature! Amanda’s enchanting vocals added the perfect touch and vibe to “Feelin’ Fine”.

The single is due to be unleashed on April 14, 2023. We are just days away from having access to “Feelin’ Fine” right at our fingertips! Click on the link below to obtain a variety of links to follow Chazz and stream his current and upcoming music! You can also pre-save “Feelin’ Fine”!


Julz Mancini
Julz Mancini
Julz is an entertainment writer with deep connections to the industry. Her years of experience allow for a robust perspective to shine through her content while also serving as a top consultant to artists.


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