Emo Rock Band Love Ghost Unleash New Ep “THE SPEED OF DREAMING”

“THE SPEED OF DREAMING” by Love Ghost features 4 songs recorded in Mexico City. The music carries the emotional journey that our sleep sometimes leads us on. The 4 songs include music videos, Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS-dJP8PUYo

Be Not Afraid:a modern Pop Punk song about obsessive love. “Be Not Afraid” was produced by Mexico’s Alex Pedrero, and features an AI music video from renowned Latvian artist iastitraia.

ESPEJO: an Emo Alt. Rock song with Acoustic Spanish Guitar influences, and lyrics in Spanish and English. The song is a collaboration between Los Angeles artist Love Ghost and Mexico’s El Santi. ESPEJO was produced by Mexico’s Alex Pedrero.

LUNA AZUL: an Emo-Pop-Rock song with Spanish Guitar influences. The song is a collaboration between Love Ghost and Mexican artists Helian and MONDE. Co-produced by Mexico’s BrunOG and Monde.

Wallflower: is an acoustic ballad with modern synth elements. The song was produced by Mexico’s Alex Pedrero, and features an AI music video from Polish artist Michal Toczek.

“THE SPEED OF DREAMING”: https://open.spotify.com/intl-pt/album/6bewNdtMU5xXQapPu2r9n9

“THE SPEED OF DREAMING” follows a string of single releases for Love Ghost praised by Rolling Stone, CRASH Magazine, American Songwriter, FLAUNT, Alternative Press, Lyrical Lemonade, Earmilk and many others. Love Ghost has recently toured Europe, where they played the Rockpalast festival broadcast throughout Germany on German television.

In Mexico City they have played shows at Auditorio BB, Indie Foro Rocks and Amazon’s Gamergy Festival, which was broadcast to all of Latin America.

They have done songs with artists around the world including Rico Nasty, Adan Cruz, Teeam Revolver, Geassassin, Mabiland and Tankurt Manas. Love Ghost’s Finnegan Bell is currently in Mexico writing and recording with many Latin artists, including Wiplash, Dan Garcia, Ritorukai, Go Golden Junk, ND Kobi, FLVCKKA, Phyzh Eye, Josue, Young Dupe, Blnko, Helian Evans and many others.

Producers they are working with in Mexico include Shantra (Santa Fe Klan’s latest album), BrunOG (Latin Grammy nominee) and SAGA. They have several other songs coming this year including “Dopeman” with Ghana Afrobeat artist Camidoh, and an entire album with Marilyn Manson guitar player and producer Tim Skold commissioned by Metropolis Records.

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