How Destiny Soria Uses Her ADHD To Her Advantage In Acting

How Destiny Soria Uses Her ADHD To Her Advantage In Acting

Destiny Soria is the founder and owner of Lady Destiny Productions, a new production company that made its debut producing several short films as well as “Christmas Slasher,” which will be the company’s first feature film. Destiny is a talented model, actress, dancer and singer who has always had an affinity for storytelling. Now, Destiny has brought her horrific vision to life by taking the helm as director, producer, writer and lead actress of “Christmas Slasher”Claus”)
Destiny Soria is an accomplished actress with nearly a hundred productions to her credit. In addition to her directing, producing and
writing duties, Destiny portrays the film’s lead, the emotionally distraught and confused, Alita Claus.

“I just finished a short horror film entitled “Hallowflix and Kill” that I wrote, directed, and star in. It’s currently cruising the festival circuit and will be part of the horror anthology “The United States of Horror: Chapter 3.”

What qualities make you different and unique from everyone else in the industry?

My qualities have to be my ADHD, autistic, and being me. I have troubles with my learning disabilities, so it does get in the way of my work and my creatively ideas. It takes a while to do a choir or work. I love the way I am and who I am. I do get help when I’m stuck or don’t understand something. I do try to write things down to not forget and make a To Do List. I’m a wanderer too. I’m a Native American from the Kickapoo tribe. We are also a wolf clan. Kickapoo means wanderer. That’s my unique. I’m really proud of myself and my background. I’m a very spiritual person and believe that there is magic out there. I’m blessed to have it. I’m very determine passionate being.

Describe THAT moment when you realized you’re doing what you were born to do. 

When I started to make my feature film “Christmas Slasher”. I had it funded through Indiegogo. We push it out on all social media platform. I had help from others who know a lot about the platform and gave me some pointers and ideas to catch people’s attention. It worked! All the cast and crew share the site and I push it out too to many horror articles I can. We made over our goal to make the movie. Also won awards for the poster, teaser, and script. I knew then that I was making a cult classic and making movies is my dream career. I love to act and more to film.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to go through and how did you grow through it?

This is painful to speak about it. I suffered a year because of it. I had couple unprofessional try to hurt my film. They said awful things about me, because they got caught scamming me and using me for my money. I am working legal cases against them. I kept going. acting made me happy and made me push through the horrible events that they put on me. It was a toll on my health and emotional mentally drain. But I grow through it with acting and working the cases. Right now, I am writing my second horror feature film and working on two short films.

Who are the TOP 3 people you’d want to meet that could elevate your career or business?  Why these specific individuals?

Robert Pattinson, 2008 when “Twilight” came out and I saw him on the screen. I just wanted to be just like him an actor. He was my idol to become like him, an actor. 2009, I started my acting career.
Robert Rodriguez, as a director I saw many amazing movies he directed. I always wanted to direct my own creation through stories/scripts. So, I started making my own films around 2016 and become an indie film company. I didn’t know until couple years ago he would make money doing studies like I have. So, I been saving, working, and going to these studies to make my short films. Following in his footsteps.

Eli Roth, very talented in films even horror genre just like Robert. I grow up with horror movies with my mom. So, I had a lot of ideas to make my own films. I just finish making my first horror feature film “Christmas Slasher”. I love his ideas on films!

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