Isaac Anderson’s EP On Hope, Heartache And Existential Dread Is Out Now!

After years of being in bands, the independent singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer Isaac Anderson has decided to try his hand at going solo. In the wake of some releases in the past two years, Isaac presents the vulnerable EP, Fingers Crossed. With six carefully curated songs that showcases as to what Isaac can do as a songwriter and producer, Fingers Crossed navigates through heartache, hope and existential dread.

They’re lyrically quite different but all stem from the same sense of disorientation and confusion in some way or another. There’s a nervous vulnerability to the whole record. I think the whole thing is very me!” – Isaac Anderson via the Luna Collective

The opening minutes of the EP spotlights Isaac’s pop side and previously released songs. The first track Mess Me Upshowcases the lyrics that inspired the name of the EP: “fingers crossed that everything will be alright. This Could Be Paradise’ has a conversational tone and reveals this idea that we can make anywhere our own version of paradise. And St Pancrasis a tribute to the adventure of trying to find your place in the world. 

During the next few minutes, we can appreciate Isaac’s approach to indie-rock. The fourth track ‘Moving Mountainsis about love in its best form and sparkles with the fascinating details of its melody. Hanging Up‘ explores the misconceptions of love, loss and the thin line that separates loyalty from obsession and balances Isaac’s juxtaposed emotions – sadness and anger. Fingers Crossed is closed with the personal and heavy lyrically ballad Change My Mind And Me” – the hardest song Isaac has ever written. 

I feel like I’m finally ready to do this properly. I hope that people come on board!” – Isaac Anderson


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