Ivetta Ragsdale: Teller of Actual Truth and A Spiritual Conscious Musical Well

Please introduce yourself. What do you do? Why? What do you want people to know about you?

What do I do: I am a teller of Actual Truth and a Spiritual Conscious Musical Well.
Why: Am I a teller of Actual Truth? Being a part of this world I see day by day man ( ppl ) get more selfish, hateful, as well as brain dead narcissists caring for no one, save themselves, to the point of ppl or either engaging their children to be Conscious narcissist yet not care or have justification or teach them via them watching what is being done by the regular daily influences.

Leaving to 1 of the 2 options, 1: the child(s) left to their own choosing to be a part of their environment 2: Be apart frm such. Todays area seems to live more by the misconception that doing any and everything you want to do, do it. Yet I see no moderation nor time taken for the process of true contemplation to proceed;, something I like to term Living by the flesh. I am a Musical Well for reason Music is a wondrous tool of Vibration to speak to the Heart. We are energetic beings who are cased in a slow or low vibrational matter. Energy produces a vibration of its own in turn showing, to me the most organic language unrecognized for its true abled nature. To speak to the being inside the electrical energetic being which resonate in the Heart.

My belief also have discovered within personal experience in dealing w ppl when speaking to The Heart the mind desires n will do nothing more than follow where the Heart leads and the Truth of The Heart selfishness lys within selflessness. Being variously vibrationally gifted it is purposed for us to speak to the Inner-being ( energetic vibrational ) of our brothers and sisters which can be reached thru The Heart.
Want Ppl to kno bout me: I am Dope and so are You! As well if you don’t believe and see yourself as so no 1not even the Great Mother
( Universe ) can elevate you.

Ivetta Ragsdale

What qualities make you different and unique from everyone else in the industry?

I am one who walks the path of the straight and narrow. The Moral foundation for my conscious structure is Honor, Integrity, and Truth no matter the odds nor who or what oppresses. Be selfish through selflessness yet keeping wits to not be a gorging post of deception be it knowingly or unknowingly. This is what I believe enables the unique differ from others.

Describe THAT moment when you realized you’re doing what you were born to do.

Never had to realize what I was born to do it as far as I can remember has been known. Was raised by a dedicated devout Mother to the Church. So Structure, Discipline, and Spirituality been installed so much so that they are parts of me. Time came to stand on my 10 so to speak, I left religion beginning my journey to Spirituality yet there were other subjects to be learned first. Went and served abroad, looking back now and knowing what I do it was only to learn, strengthen discipline, installation and enhancements nothing more or less.

Got out came home left again moved back and here is where I begin to feel my being begin to slip away. Woke up one morning after an extended period of this lingering spirit; said to myself ” We have to do something or I’m bout to die. “. Next a commercial for school came on TV, I enrolled for Professional Fitness a subject right up my alley.

 Learning about the energetic functions of the body it was like all these thing I knew yet didn’t. The more and more I learned the more connections were made not for the grasping of what I was learning of the physical also connections to the Spiritual of why and how the physical body is affected through by way of the energy transmitted through the body. During this time was featured on a song ” When it all falls down “. At this time the outbreak of the Vid19 happened, Shut dwn of the Gov, Me too movement, BLM movement, Open media covered senseless media covered Murders of those of color. Within me there has not been a voice that’s whispering stay silent.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to go through and how did you grow through it?

I am a Masculine gay black female Raised in a fire baptized Holy ghost tough speaking house hold, by a women born in the 50’s who was raised by a Ebony Queen first generation born after the emancipation proclamation!

I made it through for no other reason that I was built this way. Honestly, my geno structure has no trace of surrender nor fold. As well as names carry weight and this Title Graced upon me is quite weighted. Coming up in such a home when you’re nothing like your the females you see regularly within your bloodline. You tend to be shunned on multiple levels in various ways in home snd out. With that being said such treatment has the habit to open ones eyes so to speak, Especially when you’re a kid who just wants to be let alone to be me just like they did with everyone else ( or so I thought ). You become a lone wolf who just wants to leave and stay gone cause once you get the chance nothing but dust for tracks. And that’s just what I did kept my head down and played my ppls game my way and when the time of ” of age ” came I was out. I stayed true to me no matter the oppressions, Keeping hold to the Spirit, what I’d learned in church about the Great Creator, and Praying to Hîm is what I believed help me to make it through even thus far.

Who are the TOP 3 people you’d want to meet that could elevate your career or business?  Why these specific individuals?

Erykah Bad
India arie
Tamar Braxton


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