Jon Meggison Talks Consistency, And Tells Us What Is To Come In 2022

Today we bring back Jon Meggison who we featured earlier in our 2021 article “30 under 30”. Jon Meggison is a Seattle, WA native Actor who is known for the feature film A Haunting in Ravenwood, playing the lead role of Eric Olsen. This film is set to release March 2022 on DVD on Walmart shelves as well as on a few streaming platforms. Make sure you guys are on the lookout!

Following Jon’s journey in his short, but successful career in the industry, he has made some huge strides. When we first interviewed Jon in 2021 he was signed with Hank Ritter at Seattle Talent in Seattle, WA, and also with Teresa Pollman at IMD Inc in Medford, Oregon where he was building his resume working with local filmmakers in short films and a couple of feature films.

When we spoke to Jon about all his success and the things he wants to do, the one thing he mentioned that he wanted to accomplish before the year ended was placing himself with representation in the Los Angeles market. After months of hard work he made it happen. Mr. Meggison is now represented in the Los Angeles market with Shawn Brogan at the Brogan Agency.

We asked Jon about the things he did to make this happen. His response was just being consistent and he quoted “well funny thing is at the end of 2020 I had come into contact with the person who is now, my current agent at The Brogan Agency Christian Skelley. I sent him an email with my portfolio every month presenting myself for representation. For months we communicated and at one point he told me “Not at this time.”, so I left it at that.

After that, Jon got to a point in his career where he was booking work at a consistently high level and his resume started accumulating great credits. Jon Told us “My demo reel had great footage. I also had a website for myself. And I told myself “let’s give it another shot”. So about 4 months, give or take went by and I emailed him 1 more time. I couldn’t believe it; I got an email back from him requesting a meeting to talk about being added to their roster.”

Jon couldn’t believe it. He was ecstatic. The meeting was conducted via zoom and when he asked them what it was that got him in the door and they had told him it was the “consistency and the fact that you wouldn’t stop emailing us your work”.

“It’s a true blessing and I’m grateful to have made this accomplishment. All year I told myself I was going to get it done. I knew what I needed to do, and so I just stuck to the plan, kept my head down, and did what I needed to do. I am truly grateful and excited for the opportunities this new year is going to bring me, my family, and my career.”

Jon is looking forward to working with all the talent and filmmakers in the industry in that market. And is also excited about the things that he will accomplish with my new family over at the Brogan Agency.

So what is next for 2022?

“This coming year I have a lot of goals and things I am going to accomplish. But first I’ll be flying out to West Palm Beach, Florida January 24th – January 31st for my first SAG drama film called Amends Of The Father where I’ll be playing a supporting role of Dave.”

“This is my First sag project; this film is written, directed by award-winning director & Actor Stephen Sorrentino. I’m grateful for another blessed opportunity that came my way. So stay on the lookout for updates coming soon.”

” I have a few other projects lined up for the year but I can’t speak on those yet. So right now my main focus is working with my new team in LA and building off on all the success I was able to have in 2021. “

For updates on all projects I’ve done and future projects you can stay up to date on my Instagram @Jonmeggofficial & my website www.jonmeggison.com

And remember, consistency is key!

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