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Please introduce yourself. What do you do? Why? What do you want people to know about you?

About Me
Livisha Lewis is a native of Baltimore Md, and not unfamiliar with production as a graduate of Towson University where she received her B.S in Electronic Media and Film and Master’s degree in film production from Regent University. She is also currently a teacher in Baltimore City public school system.

While in high school Livisha gained interest in Multimedia productions such as game-design, photography , broadcasting and digital imaging . After graduating she began acting in local films in the Baltimore area while also working on internet radio and co-hosting on other internet radio stations but it was acting in local films that sparked her creativity. Livisha started her dreams from a child where she was in church plays , middle school broadway plays and always just had an interest for the arts.

Livisha has been very active in her community applying her degree where she worked media coverage for various events in the Baltimore area such as African American Festival , Climate change tour and various other major events. Livisha’s interviewed many celebrities , such as Malik Yusef , Faith Evans , EPMD and many more. Livisha then started her own platform around the DMV area interviewing local artist touching artist as far in London .

Livisha is now focusing on her acting career and has high hopes for where this will lead her. Livisha has already been in print commercial jobs, and some big films and major TV series. Livisha is also a well season traveler hitting a total of just about 10 countries so far . Livisha is the all around multi diverse/ talented IT GIRL!

What qualities make you different and unique from everyone else in the industry?

I’m different because my capability to do anything I want to do , I see a dream and I go for it ! The way Opportunities are always falling in my lap tells me I’m meant to follow this path. I’m multitalented when it comes to anything in production , rather im behind or in front of camera I have knowledge on both sets of skills that I went to college for and took acting classes for . I always invested in myself bet on myself and have an amazing support team around me . My personality is very likable and it gets me far , I’m constantly bubble , outgoing , easy going and just likable all the way around.

Describe THAT moment when you realized you’re doing what you were born to do.

I remember sitting in the car zoned out thinking of my childhood , when I had flashbacks of the church play I was in and the middle school play I was casted in as well, I remember thinking to myself wow , I really been in entertainment since a child and then high school I took multimedia studies and right out of high school I started around with local films , radio , events and etc . So that reflection in the car made me realize I’ve been following a dream all of along with even really noticing it and it made me cry because people spends years wasting time trying to figure out their true passion but mine was handed to me young and I kept rolling with it unintentionally , but this journey is meant for me with my name on it .

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to go through and how did you grow through it?

My biggest challenge I would have to say I feel like I’m going through my biggest challenge right now actually my biggest challenge involves discipline even though I’m very very disciplined it’s just the time right now I’m 27 so I know right now and this time my life is time to buckle down stay focus you know minus with everything going on around us and me being young and being in my prime and went to have fun and travel a lot it’s like I still have to balance everything and right now what really needs my time is my career so once I get my foot completely in the door then you can sit back and relax and as of right now I feel like I use the gym to help me be extremely disciplined I use my eating habits to help me be extremely disciplined and really try to fight through these times to stay on one track while I’m still young . Like let’s be real yes we wanna stay focused yes we wanna be disciplined yes we wanna be in quotations in our bag but but at the same time we still wanna have fun because these are years that we do not get back being this young so you still have to learn how to basically focus on time management where you make more than enough time to focus on your career more than enough time to really practice your craft more than enough time to really get into your bag while still being young and still wanting to have fun with life and our friends do you test that and it’s just really hard trying to balance it all and trying to mainly focus on having Tunnel vision.I’ve always had that work ethic and I will overcome this hurdle I’m sure I will but it’ll take time and also realizing that this is not a race take your time have fun with the journey your journey is your journey and stick to it you might fall a couple times you’re going to fail but keep going and don’t take no for an answer keep going keep knocking those doors down and I know I got this.

Who are the TOP 3 people you’d want to meet that could elevate your career or business?  Why these specific individuals?

The person I wish I could meet Viola Davis , Samuel Jackson and snoop Dogg. The reason why I want to meet Viola Davis is because when I watch on TV the way she really transformed these characters on TV when I watch the work that you put into before the film before the script studying accents putting on weight for a certain films Viola Davis really has that work ethic that I aspired to get I expired to be a great amazing actor that’s just like she. And when I follow her on Instagram she just looks so down to earth she looks like a fun person to be around a fun person to learn from so I definitely would love to meet her in the far future. The reason why I would like to meet Samuel Jackson’s cause when I purchase as master class and listen to how you talk and I basically learn from him when he said you know in the beginning of adding stage you wanna take everything say yes everything every rule no matter how big or small it’s all a learning experience when he talked about how he would take the characters from the script break them down extra writer about these characters in really dig deep into detail about these characters it’s just something that I would love to talk about more with him in person and he’s like one of the top actors in my eyes. And the reason why we want to meet Snoop Dogg has nothing to do with acting at all but it’s just the way Snoop Dogg his demeanor the way he carry his self I just always loved in my household know like Snoop Dogg that’s my uncle The way Snoop Dogg is always mysterious I try to move in a super mysterious way he’s just in a public guy he’s always laughing he’s always cheerful you know and he also is another person that’s multi talented that does everything like from music to acting commercials a gamer everything Snoop Dogg does everything so he also meets my wanting to be multi talented as well and just doing everything on the board because the sky is the limit.

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