Staying Positive And Inspired Is Key | Millie Gibbons

Please introduce yourself. What do you do? Why? What do you want people to know about you? 

Hello! My name is Millie Gibbons and I am a British Actress based in New York and LA. I grew up in the rural British Countryside before I moved to America in 2019 to pursue Acting. I received a Scholarship to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and was lucky enough to train there for three years. Since graduating in February 2022, I have been cast in two Feature Films and several Short Films. I am super excited to announce my upcoming Principal role in Justin Souriau Levine’s ‘Back To The Present!’, starring Vanessa Hudgens and Christopher Lloyd. We are set to begin production June 2023. In the meantime, I am also excited to share that I have written and will be performing in my very first Cabaret Show ‘A Night with Davinia and Friends,’ this December in New York City!
It would be an honour to be featured on your page, I’d love to talk about my journey as an Artist, my Acting philosophies and my upcoming Feature Film. Coming from a small village in Suffolk, England to New York is quite unheard of, my sister is a Potato Farmer! I grew up riding horses, walking the dogs, playing in the ditch dens. I believe growing up in the Countryside and spending much of my time outdoors amongst the golden fields and glistening rivers, is where much of my imagination and creativity stemmed from. Despite my parents lack of knowledge about the Arts, they have never stopped supporting my dreams. I never thought this could be possible. I worked in a Telephone Centre when I was 18, cold calling Farmers asking how many Sheep they had on their Farm for our monthly newsletters. Little did I know a year later I would be moving across the Atlantic Ocean to pursue a dream I have dreamt of since the age of 8. I want to share my story, not only to show my gratitude to my family and friends, but to encourage other like minded individuals to follow their dreams.

What qualities make you different and unique from everyone else in the industry?

As a British Actress in America, many people have remarked on how brave I am, something I acquired from my Dad, whom is the most courageous person I know. This past year auditioning I have experienced many highs and lows. The lows, like reaching the final round of an audition and not making the cut, have taught me resilience. I am incredibly passionate about my craft and staying positive and inspired is key to me ‘getting back on the horse’ so to speak (I’m a horse rider so I like this metaphor..). My Mum always said she wanted myself and my sister, India, to be surrounded by animals during our upbringing, because she said we would learn from them too, she was right. My horse taught me the importance of understanding and the power of listening; a pivotal aspect of being an actor. Like the understanding between the human conscience and the unpredictable loyal beast, I grasped how essential unearthing a common ground is with a scene partner, to foster a trustful relationship on stage and on camera. This technique strengthens the connections I build, permitting my focus on listening to my fellow actor, and drawing my attention to affecting them rather than internalising how I am affected. I believe this is what makes my performances captivating and truthful.

Describe THAT moment when you realized you’re doing what you were born to do. 

At the age of 11, I played the lead role of Tallulah in Bugsy Malone as part of a School Production. It was the second I finished my solo, having pranced about the stage in a flapper dress and a pink feather boa, that I will never forget, the moment of hearing my mum’s voice over the audience, cheering ecstatically! Everyone knew that that was my mum. I felt so at home on the stage, in character. It felt right, there was a sense of belonging and seeing how proud my mum was, as she knew that she had just witnessed the beginning of a new doorway for me. I was 11, and I felt like I could be anyone I wanted to be – I was fearless! That, was the moment I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to go through and how did you grow through it?

The past three years since I moved to America on my own away from my family and friends, have been the most challenging yet. I am constantly torn between chasing a career path I have dreamt of that is so unpredictable and the guilt and sorrow that comes from not being at home with my family. I love what I do and in order to be successful I know I have to stay focused and keep fighting. But in doing so, I am fighting this internal feeling of regret, having missed out on so much crucial time with my parents. I know that if I can break through the American Industry, I can make it anywhere. I hope that by achieving the success I am aiming for, whether thats starring in a major Feature Film, or doing a Broadway Show, I can prove to myself that the long distance phone calls and letters were a worthy substitute of my not being there. Whenever I feel at a loss of hope, I remember my Dad would say – ‘Life is too short Millie, you have to do what you want to, home will always be here.’
During the pandemic, I wrote, directed and starred in my first Sci-Fi/Thriller Short Film. Despite how challenging it was to be creative during such a disastrous time, I felt the concept captured the essence of what I was going through. Deadly Sinner explores the concept of how humanity cannot control their guilty pleasures. Ultimately relying on them as our temporary escapism from reality. Despite the short stem of serotonin they may release, we are always faced with a more challenging fate that awaits in result of our poor decisions. Working on Deadly Sinner gave me my own escapism from what felt like the end of our existence. I was so stimulated and driven to achieve somewhat of a storyline that people could enjoy, and I am proud of the results.

Who are the TOP 3 people you’d want to meet that could elevate your career or business?  Why these specific individuals?

I would love to be represented by A3 Artist Agency, they have offices in LA, New York and London. Three of the cities that I would love to work in. They have a fantastic clientele, I think I would be a great addition and together I know I could accomplish much more with them on my side.

I am a huge fan of the Euphoria Series, I can see myself playing a role in this show. I love the depth to the storytelling and the variation of relatable narratives they portray. I would love to meet with the Casting Director Jennifer Venditti and share with her my talents, in hope there may be a role for me.

One of my favourite directors is Wes Anderson. I love his attention to detail and the wild/wackiness of his work. One day I would love to work on a Wes Anderson film.

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