Swedish Metal Band Disruption Announces New Single “TORCHED” for March 2024

Swedish metal band Disruption announces new single “TORCHED” on march 8th. “TORCHED”, the second single from our upcoming ep, is a dark and unforgiving suggestive soundscape that throws the listener between the despair of the desperate chorus to the fighting energy of the cutting riffs.

Torched will leave its fiery brand in the hearts of those who engage it.Disruption ravaged the local scene of a poor industrial region in southern Sweden, Blekinge, since back in 1999.

Dominating the local metal-scene with their aggressive merge of Swedish melodic Death-Metal and American influenced thash/numetal sound, paired with political lyrics aiming to put the search-lights on the injustices of the world and the darker aspects of human constructions of society.

Disruption where awarded best live act of the region as well as heavily influencing the extreme music scene in Blekinge. They recorded demos “Bitch on the cross” and “A soul full of hate”, as well as music/video package “Demolisher-pack” and releasing album “Face The Wall in 2004.”After which the band morphed into alternative HC-outfit “Jack Daw” as they celebrated their first decade together.

The rebirth of Disruption in 2022 occured in an even darker world where humanity seem eager to self-destruct. As society implodes, Disruption is mindset to be here providing the soundtrack by which we all come to an end.

The modern, upscaled version of the pianist performing as Titanic sank to its grave on the arctic seafloor. No high hopes for us to last, those final desperate breaths designated for angst-ridden poetry.

Listen to the latest single “Rebirth”: https://open.spotify.com/intl-pt/album/3OLYXpN0vlUNFgstQIWmiK

Watch the music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bGLDZwMyFU

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