The Fixx’s Jamie West-oram Set To Release First-ever Solo Album: “Skeleton Key”




(New York, NY) – The FIXX’s acclaimed guitarist, Jamie West-Oram, is set to release his first-ever solo album: SKELETON KEY is due out on August 18th via BFD/The Orchard. The new effort comes hot on the heels of The FIXX’s critically-acclaimed EVERY FIVE SECONDS album, which was released last year.

Check out the first track from SKELETON KEY, “Knuckle Down” here.

The funk-inspired instrumental showcases West-Oram’s diverse guitar chops and is inspired by the work of guitar great Leslie West (Mountain). Of “Knuckle Down”, Jamie West-Oram commented, “The piece expresses the liberation we feel when we stop dithering and get things done. I wanted the album to have a powerful opener and ‘Knuckle Down’ was the one.”

SKELETON KEY is produced by Nick Jackson (The FIXX, Cy Curnin solo) at Spacehouse Studios and Jamie West-Oram and is mixed by Nick Jackson, also at Spacehouse Studios. The album is mastered by James Arter (Linkin Park, Muse) and features Jamie West-Oram on all instruments and vocals, save for drums, which are provided by Tom Ashcroft. Click here to access SKELETON KEY cover art; click here to pre-order the album. Please see below for the track listing.

Known for his pristine, subtle yet multi-faceted guitar work, West-Oram help defined The FIXX’s sound. The band has been heralded as one of the most innovative to come out of the “MTV” era. For four decades, the style and substance of the band has always created a special connection with its audience.

The FIXX’s themes are often complex, introspective and thought-provoking, but not without widespread mass appeal. The band has garnered three #1 hits, five more in the Top 5 and a dozen which reached the Top 10. With millions of albums sold worldwide, songs such as “One Thing Leads To Another,” “Red Skies” and “Saved By Zero” remain everyday staples on the playlists of the Rock, AAA and Alternative radio stations that continue to break new acts inspired by the era that The FIXX helped to define.

SKELETON KEY track listing:

  1. Knuckle Down
  2. Claustrophobia
  3. Cuckoos In The Nest
  4. Endless Possession
  5. Life Support
  6. Collusion Blues
  7. Split Me In Two
  8. Sharp Edge 2
  9. Forging The Key
  10. Turning The Key
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