The LA Note Sits Down With Martha Millan | Actress Of Fox’s New Hit Show “The Cleaning Lady”

Recently Asha Spacek-Hobbs Entertainment Writer and Personality for The LA Note had an opportunity to sit down with Filipino Actress Martha Millian of Fox’s new hit drama “The Cleaning Lady”. Martha Millan is no new name when it comes to the silver screen, gracing our homes with her presence in such shows as the OA, Entourage, Madam Secretary, and The Great New Wonderful.

An Alumni of the American Academy of Dramatic arts Martha says that she auditioned purely on a whim while visiting New York City. In the interview with Asha Spacek-Hobbs, Martha Millan shares that she always had a desire to explore when she was bored at university but when she shared with her mother her plans of traveling her mother adamantly told her “You have to do something.” so Martha replied with a very bold reply “Fine!” she said, “I’m going to act.” and much to Martha’s mother, she did. 

Martha, in her own words, said that “Things worked out,” for her in her career, from her audition to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and into her working career meeting a consistent success but she identifies that even though she may have found some success in her career it wasn’t without challenges, as the entertainment industry is full of its own unique challenges.

But it is within those challenges that Martha has been able to learn after a constant collaboration and learning who she is that the priority in the work is to “Have fun.” Martha has learned throughout her twenty-five-year career as an actress “That everything that affects you, impacts you and if you can’t get out of that it’s hard to move forward.” 

Martha, in her unique vantage point of her scope of her career and the journey that she’s been on, has given her a distinctive view on the industry and actors, in general, arming her with sage advice for those who are either seasoned professionals or interested in pursuing the craft in a hobby or career.

Martha says “Keep things light, focus on the choices you make and go in there without any judgments on yourself and make them believe you are right for the role, there are so many things you cannot change about yourself, I had so many people tell me I wasn’t Asian enough. But all I wanted to do was work.” And it was the mindset that helped Martha book the role of Fiona De La Rosa in Fox’s new drama series The Cleaning Lady! 

“Fiona De La Rosa the sister-in-law of Thony De La Rosa played by Elodie Yung an undocumented, single mother who’s passionate. Something we should all embrace as women these days… But not go crazy of course,” Martha says when asked about her character Fiona in The Cleaning Lady, a show about a desperate mother who will do anything to protect and save her son, and a passionate woman who band together in the name of their families, and some organized crime sprinkled into the mix is truly something that will keep you on the edge of your seats panting until the next episode airs, with a star-studded cast, and amazing writers, this show is one to watch.

The Cleaning Lady airs every Monday on Fox.

Stacey Haught
Stacey Haught
Stacey E. Haught is an experienced acting coach spending over a decade molding young minds and future stars. She's an accomplished author, mentor, and novelist with a knack for crafting compelling stories. Stacey has been a pivotal component of developing and launching an independent digital magazine, networking, and interviewing key members of the local community. Stacey is a family woman and finds time to balance her home life and her writing career. In her free time, Stacey is an avid reader! Ping her on Instagram and see what’s she’s currently reading!


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