30 Under 30 – The LA Note’s Powerful List of Trendsetters

Billie Eilish

30 under 30

If you are anyone, you know who Billie Eilish is. Billie has accomplished more in her teen years than some people have in a lifetime. In 2019, she became the youngest artist in Grammy history and second overall to win all four general field categories. Billie uses her art to touch on subjects such as mental health, life in the music industry, and body positivity. 30 under 30


Olivia Rodrigo

30 under 30

Olivia Rodrigo is famously known for her hit single, “Drivers License”, which went on to break a Spotify record for the first song in history to hit 80 million streams in 7 days. Olivia released another single, “Deja-Vu”, which debuted at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, making her the first artist to debut their first two releases in the top 10 of the Hot 100. Rodrigo’s third single, “Good 4 U”, became her second single to debut at number one on the Hot 100. 30 under 30


Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh has quickly caught the eyes of everyone in Hollywood for her memorable performances in Midsommar, Little Women, and now Black Widow. Pugh made her professional debut in, “The Falling”, while still in school and has never had a small role since. Pugh has been nominated for an Academy Award as well as two BAFTA Awards. 30 under 30


Abigail Barlow

Abigail Barlow is a singer-songwriter, composer, and producer. After the success of the Netflix series, “Bridgerton”, Barlow took to her songwriting skills and wrote the song, “Burn For You”, which blew up on TikTok. She has since composed, orchestrated, and produced 15 original songs with her writing partner, Emily Bear, to make a Bridgerton the Musical Album. Composers Pasek and Paul (La La Land, Greatest Showman, Dear Evan Hansen) are Barlow fans and even attest to Abigail’s groundbreaking music style. 30 under 30


Jabari Banks

Jabari Banks is an accomplished actor, songwriter, singer, rapper, and activist. Just one year after graduating from the University of the Arts with his B.F.A, Banks has landed the lead role as Will, in Bel-Air, Peacock’s drama reboot of Smith’s 1990s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. We expect to see much more of Jabari in the future. 30 under 30


Dezi Saenz

30 under 30

With over 2.6 Million followers on TikTok, Dezi has caught the attention of people around the world with her incredible skills as a dancer and content creator. Do not be fooled by how effortless Saenz looks when she is dancing. Dezi’s technique and skill as a young dancer are unmatched by most young women her age. 30 under 30


Trey Brown

Trey Brown is the 15-year-old founder and CEO of SPERGO®, a trendsetting streetwear and lifestyle brand headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. In just 36 months, Trey has sold over 30,000 units of merchandise, secured several wholesale deals, and has grossed more than $200K in sales for several months in a row. Celebrities like Meek Mill, Tierra Whack, Da Baby, Sean Combs, Eric Thomas, Shaquille O’Neil, Charles Barkley, Grant Hill, GHerbo, and Ed Mylett can be found sporting SPERGO gear or encouraging the young mogul on social media.


Brittany Kay Taylor

You may recognize Brittany if you’ve watched “Encore!” on Disney+. Now, she’s on to a new venture, bringing international cartoons to the North American market with her very own dubbing company, “Saturday Morning TV”. Brittany has changed the way TikTok can be used for voice actors and casting directors. Through hosting auditions for her cartoons, Taylor has given career-changing opportunities to talented voice actors who are trying to make it in “showbiz”.


Jon Meggison

Jon Meggison stepped foot into the acting business as of 2020. Jon booked his first role in a feature film called “Operation Y2K” as the role of Travis. Meggison kept hustling and despite covid, he was able to be a part of 9 films and 3 commercials. All of which he got from self-booking. Jon is now signed by IMD Inc. out of Medford, Oregon. Meggison will be seen in the same movie as Eric Roberts (Julia Roberts brother) in the movie “Survivors Choice” in 2022 and has just landed the lead role in a major feature film, “The Haunting in Ravenwood”, be sure to keep your eye out on where you can stream it.


Paige Galdieri

Paige Galdieri is a Chicago-based actor who has signed with Big Mouth Talent Agency right after earning her B.F.A in Musical Theater at the University of the Arts. While juggling the unsteadiness of life as an actor, Paige has managed to create her own successful social media management business, Paige Liz Management, to support her as she followers her dreams. On top of managing multiple social media accounts, she has landed the title of “section editor” for three different online publications. Paige also wrote a compelling piece for anxious actors.


Darius Washington

Darius Washington is a model and rapper who has been featured in multiple magazines such as Moevir, POZA, HiLife, and Kazar J. He has also walked in an ATL Fashion Show, Essence Fest and Meet Me At The Moon Fashion Show in NOLA, and his very first fashion show from Hilaire Made in Baton Rouge LA. This year, Washington will be attending Coastal Fashion Week NYC in September and LAFW in October.


Amanda Buhs

Amanda Buhs is well known Acotr, Youtuber, and TikToker with over 314k followers on TikTok and 6.6k+ subscribers on Youtube. Along with her success on social media, Buhs has been nominated three times for the Hollywood Young Artist Award, the same award Leonardo DiCaprio was once nominated for. Amanda has dedicated her time on social media to inspire young actors to never give up on their dreams and to work hard at their craft.


Nehal Tenany

Nehal Tenany is a popular Blogger and Podcaster who has been featured in Forbes, Times of India, Spotify Billboards, Brown Girl Magazine, and HuffPost. Her podcast is centered around being a gateway for people “who might be at their low and need someone to resonate with”. Beyond having billboards in NYC for her successful podcast, Nehal continues to touch the hearts of her listeners and followers.


William Jefferson Jr.

William Jefferson Jr. is a trained actor and an award-winning Filmmaker in the 48 Manitou Film Festival. Jefferson is a SAG-Aftra eligible actor with roles on popular television shows such as Chicago Fire and South Side: Season 2. When he isn’t acting, Jefferson is busy being CEO of The Actor Advisor which helps actors get placed with talent agencies.


Matkai Burmaster 

Matkai Burmaster is an Actor and Director who has started his own streaming service, Fearless, “the streaming service for every voice”. Matkai’s mission is to spread positivity and inclusion through his art. He continues to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community with every new project that he works on.


Julio Alexander

Julio Alexander is an acclaimed Dancer and Actor with many deserving awards such as medals at a Nationals BJJ competition. (Gold in Gi, Silver in NoGi), Several Nominations for my Role in ‘Straight Edge Kegger’ (James) with one win “Best Supporting Actor” (Terror In The Bay Film Festival 2020), ‘Best Actor you should know’ (Victims and Villains). Alexander has also completed the Chicago Triathlon and the RedBull 400, as well as been on Netflix’s Ultimate BeastMaster.


Ryan Satterfeal

Ryan Satterfeal is an Actor, Writer, and Collaborator. Satterfeal started his acting career only a few years ago and has already been flown to Los Angeles from Chicago for his work as an actor. Ryan was featured in the film, Poser, which won Best Narrative Short at Rolling Ideas International Film Festival.


Hannah Fletcher

Hannah Fletcher is an Actor, Host, and Podcaster. Since graduating with a B.F.A in Acting at the University of the Arts, Hannah continues to delve into her creative potential by creating opportunities for herself instead of waiting for them to come to her. Fletcher can be seen on Pop Fuzion TV as an entertainment talk show host, as well as a host on her very own podcast, Hey Han.


Lauren Elyse Buckley

Lauren is an actor, writer, director, and producer growing her base in the indie film world. Lauren is best known for her comedy roles, such as Girsten through all four seasons of Dreamworks’ AwesomenessTV’s “Foursome”. She stars in three feature films hitting streaming platforms this year, including the much anticipated young adult thriller “Blame” coming to Amazon on September 21st. Lauren is gearing up to begin production next year for a feature film she wrote, will star in, and co-produce. 


Jenna Leigh Miller

Jenna Leigh Miller is an NYC-based Actor & Social Media Manager. She founded her own business called Problem Solved by Jenna which is Theatre & Brand coaching for all Actors pursuing careers in the Theatre Industry. Miller has continued to share her passion for helping fellow actors while she followers her dreams alongside them.


Taylor Merriam

Taylor Merriam aka TayTaysNummies started baking to help with her memory loss as a result of years of uncontrolled seizures. What started as a suggestion from a therapist created a passion and changed her path forever. Her motto in life is “Just Keep Swimming” no matter what struggles you may have was the inspiration for her Cookbook, “Just Keep Baking”, available on Amazon. Taylor is a verified creator on TikTok (166.2k) & Likee (737k).


Abby Rose Morris

Abby Rose Morris is a Vermont-raised/New York-based performer, voiceover artist, and advocate for fat representation in the arts. She graduated from The University of the Arts BFA Musical Theatre program in 2019, where she received a College of Performing Arts Fellowship and President’s Fund for Excellence grant to produce More Than Tracy Turnblad, a solo show about her experiences as a plus-size performer. She has since adapted More Than Tracy Turnblad into a podcast, which has over 6000 downloads, 14K followers on TikTok, and has been featured twice in Buzzfeed.

Eimanne El Zein

Photo by Ellis Au (@ellis_au)

Eimanne El Zein is a Lebanese-American Actress and Director who recently also founded the charitable organization “Hollywood Inspired Leaders”. Out of a childhood of instability and uncertainty, Eimanne has shaped her career in entertainment to build a network of artists and individuals who use their art in service of positive change. Her films and productions often feature stories of multiculturalism, breaking Arab and Islamic stereotypes, and finding the type of belonging we all crave. By bringing more compassion and empathy to a part of the world often misunderstood, we can create a future based on unity and connection.


Jessica Hernandez

Jessica Hernandez is the epitome of what a true entrepreneur is. She started with an idea to take control of her financial situation and almost lost everything. But her resilience kept her on track and with a few tweaks, Jessica has grown her wealth to a very comfortable earning. He has since taken many “regular” people and taught them how to master stock options trading and can confidently say she’s making an impact directly into the lives of everyday people.


Isabella Bedoya

Isabella Bedoya is a former A&R for major record labels and has helped countless artists take it to the next level in their career. She’s known for having the genius to help brand new artists while also being a high-level strategic mind for established seasoned acts. Isabella’s company Fame Hackers is designed to help artists make money from their brand in more ways than one. She’s a subject matter expert and a sought-after online thought leader. 


Faavae Jr.

Faavae Faavae Jr. is currently a star linebacker at the University of Idaho. But it is his taste in fashion and apparel that has catapulted this future tastemaker into the fashion scene. Faavae Jr. is a native polynesian, raised in Southern California and integrates his samoan heritage with street wear culture. His apparel line called “Island Avenue” has been rapidly growing and promises to be a force in the next couple years.


The Stand-Alone Trio (Isley Samuelu, Paul Cassens, PJ Tufugafale)

Isley, Paul, and PJ are not the normal trailblazers and are traveling a road less traveled in pursuit of their dreams of playing professional baseball while getting a quality education. “Da Boyz” as they’re commonly known, are true pioneers, hailing from the island of American Samoa. Currently residing in Southern California, da boyz are poised to make it big in baseball but also making a name for themselves in the podcast world. Their brand called “Stand-Alone” will be a mashup of podcasting and apparel as they chronicle their lives pursuing their dream. 

@pt1three, @684pauly_h.c,

Zac Tavenner

Zac Tavenner is a man of many talents. He’s an established entrepreneur who, in his twenties, has already managed to start and lead a successful digital marketing agency that serves companies making an impact in the world. Zac also understands hard work and high performance from being a NCAA Division 1 athlete himself. As if all that weren’t enough, he’s got wit for days!


Destiny Rogers

Destiny Rogers is a face and sound to follow. This California girl with an LA west coast vibe attracts an entire people group. However, it is her charisma that sets her apart from new artists. As a mexican american, Destiny weaves in her culture for video shoots and social media posts.  She started by recording covers on YouTube and has skyrocketed into a future superstar.


Myles Michelin

Myles Michelin is a young filmmaker and storyteller who has had his films in multiple film festivals. The success of his documentary, “My Block Doc”, has gotten him recognized on the street. Myles continues to create art highlighting the city of Baltimore and paving the way for other young filmmakers like him.


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