Andrew “Vibe Rite” DelRio Says It’s Never Too Late To Chase Your Dreams

Please introduce yourself. What do you do? Why? What do you want people to know about you?

My name is Andrew DelRio aka Papa Bear aka Vibe Rite. I am 40 years young. I’m a tattooist by trade but have been into rap all my life. I started rapping when I was 11 years old and I’ve just been at it ever since.

I’ve always dreamed of making it in the industry but self-doubt and limiting thoughts have kept me out of the limelight. I know I have the ability and agility to be one of the greats but maybe I just dabble in too many things at once. I don’t know exactly but I do believe you are never too old to make it.

That being said, Hi! Nice to meet you, I hope you all vibe rite.

What qualities make you different and unique from everyone else in the industry?

I am a highly eccentric individual. I am insecure as hell but I am authentic, I keep it 100. I am just me, that’s all. I can be nothing more, nothing less. I am one of a kind.

Yeah, maybe I procrastinate a little, I may be a little bit lazy, but I am a “go hard or go home” type of individual when I am passionate about something.

Describe THAT moment when you realized you’re doing what you were born to do.

Well, I’m not totally in the industry as much as I want to be. I would like to have a more predominant role in the industry but I haven’t invested enough time into just one thing.

I am truly a jack of all trades, a master of none but still always better than a master of one.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to go through and how did you grow through it?

I’m still facing challenges. I have many obstacles but I’m hungry and ready to achieve greatness. I know I have the ability. I want nothing more than to make it in the industry, to be able to make a living off of your truths. Who doesn’t want to do that?

I have overcome my challenges by not giving up, pushing forward, and facing fears. Regardless of the size of the obstacles, I keep pushing one foot in front of the other.

Who are the TOP 3 people you’d want to meet that could elevate your career or business? Why these specific individuals?

Techn9ne because he is the greatest independent artist ever. Dax, his style is really cool. Hopsin because he is another great independent artist.

Drop your social media links.

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Vianka Petines
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