C. Lee Announces EP “Portfolio” Release Date

C. Lee has recently unveiled his new single and official music video “RN”! With his mesmerizing energy and authentic sound, he has lured in a large variety of fans from a variety of demographics. With the video bringing in over 20k views on YouTube in just one month, C. Lee picked the perfect time to announce the release date of his upcoming EP “Portfolio”! July 15, 2022 the music industry will be blessed with C. Lee’s iconic sound yet again!

In a saturated industry, C. Lee displays his talent repeatedly which has helped him maintain relevance. It is imperative in the entertainment business to keep the fans locked and loaded and that is exactly what C. Lee has mastered! Be sure to follow him on social media and subscribe to his YouTube channel!



Julz Mancini
Julz Mancini
Julz is an entertainment writer with deep connections to the industry. Her years of experience allow for a robust perspective to shine through her content while also serving as a top consultant to artists.


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