Camille Rose – ‘Rose-Tinted Glasses’ (feat. Christopher Kenji)


(Featuring Christopher Kenji)




Coming hot off performances at iconic venues such as The Viper Room, House of Blues Anaheim, Hollywood Rose Bowl at Foodieland Festival LA, Camille Rose is set to captivate audiences once again with her highly anticipated upcoming release, ‘Rose-Tinted Glasses’. The new hit track features the collaborative brilliance of multi-instrumentalist pop-rock artist, producer, and model, Christopher Kenji, as seen in Vogue, Harper’s BAZAAR, Vanity Teen Magazine, LA Fashion Week and more.

This pop rock anthem delves into the tumultuous transition from the enchanting “honeymoon phase” of a relationship to the raw reality of seeing a partner for who they truly are. Having honed her craft alongside esteemed figures like vocal coach Lynn Asher and Grammy-winning producer Narada Michael Walden, Camille Rose’s commitment to experimentation and genre-blending shines through in her heartfelt compositions, whereas Christopher Kenji, known for his genuine songwriting and dynamic presence, promises to infuse new life into the mainstream music landscape.

As the world eagerly anticipates the release of ‘Rose-Tinted Glasses’, it’s clear that Camille Rose and Christopher Kenji are poised to deliver a beautifully authentic and emotionally resonant experience that will leave an indelible mark on listeners.


CAMILLE ROSE: Camille Rose is a singer songwriter based in Los Angeles, with a passion for hard rock melodies and powerful vocals. Her and her band have put on electrifying shows and performed over the top rock anthems with a pop inspired edge. 

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Camille worked alongside recognized vocal coach Lynn Asher and multi-platinum Grammy and Emmy award winning producer, Narada Michael Walden from the young age of 10. She places high importance on diversifying her sound and experimenting with mixing genres. 

Along with being an avid performer and passionate singer, Camille evokes all of her emotion into her lyrics. All of her songs were written entirely alone in the confines of her room with a pen and paper. She is currently finishing her debut EP alongside singer songwriter and producer, Christopher Kenji. 


CHRISTOPHER KENJI: His voice says 90’s grunge, his melodies say power pop and his production says, “let’s throw everything in the fridge on a skillet and see what happens”. We’ll just say that Christopher Kenji’s music is an eclectic storm raining down on the metaphorical umbrella of pop-rock on a bluesy day.

Nonetheless, Kenji’s main mission is to be as honest and vulnerable as possible using his own life experiences and personal struggles to help people feel less alone through his music ––while also making them rock out so hard that they rip holes in their socks.

Having paved his way from local open mic nights and busking on the streets of San Francisco, Kenji has now gained over three quarters of a million Spotify streams, has had his music featured on TV and by popular YouTube channels/TikTok stars as well as had his music videos awarded at big international film festivals all over the world garnering him 6 awards (including “Best Music Video” for ‘Summer Fog’).

Kenji has also been published in Vogue, Harper’s BAZAAR, Elle, L’Officiel, Vanity Teen, etc., has appeared on the Food Network and has walked the runway in various fashion weeks including LA and Chicago Fashion Week. Additionally, Kenji is a former Top 10 West Coast Songwriting Finalist of the international NewSong Music Competition. Everything you hear is self-performed, self-produced and self-mixed straight from the heart. Now is just the beginning.


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