“Follow Me Home” by Fa’avae Fa’avae Selected to Participate in Cannes World Film Festival

“Follow Me Home” Selected to Participate in Cannes World Film Festival

Carson, California – We are thrilled to announce that the short film “Follow Me Home” has been selected to participate in the prestigious Cannes World Film Festival. The film, which is executive produced by Faavae Faavae of Island Ave Clothing Brand, tells the powerful story of a young man growing up in a Pacific Islander community in Carson, California.

“Follow Me Home” is a deeply personal and moving story that explores the complexities of immigrant life and the search for a better future. The film is a reflection on the experiences of the filmmaker and the community in which he grew up, and it highlights the importance of family, community, and positive role models in shaping the lives of young people.

“I am honored that our film has been selected to participate in such a prestigious festival,” said Faavae Faavae, Executive Producer of “Follow Me Home.” “This is a powerful story that needs to be told, and I am excited for the world to see it.”

The Cannes World Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, and it is a great honor for “Follow Me Home” to be included among the selected films. The festival will take place in Cannes, France, and the exact screening dates will be announced soon.

We invite you to follow the journey of “Follow Me Home” and support the film as it makes its way to Cannes and beyond.



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