From Rapping to Songwriting, See How Christopher Moore Does It All

Please introduce yourself. What do you do? Why? What do you want people to know about you?

As the music industry continues to search for the next “big thing”, few artists control their lane like music sensation Chris Voice. Singer/songwriter/producer/model/ is reminiscent of Chris Brown, August Alsina, and Trey Songz, delivering a cutting edge sound it is clearly safe to say that Chris Voice is creating a major buzz in the Music Business.
Now an industry veteran, Chris Voice, Born Christopher Moore, began singing when he was 6 years old. Coming up in his hometown of Hobson City Alabama, Chris was a constant interstate transient, spending summers and other school breaks in the Scottsdale community of Atlanta. As a child, Chris always saw himself as an artist growing up on movies like “The Five Heartbeats and “Temptations” it was embedded in his head to use his gift. He grew up singing in Church for his grandmother who loved to see him sing. Chris took advantage of the Choral Programs offered in school and understood early the voice is a muscle the constantly needs to be worked and pushed. In 2009 himself and three friends

formed an R&B group called Hamilton Park, paying homage to the Scottsdale community center where they hung out and played basketball. This proved to be a turning point in the young artists life straddling the fence between a life pursuing music and the streets. On the last leg of probation for a drug charge, Voice had to check in every time he had to leave state. The group eventually signed a deal with Harrell/Atlantic Records in 2010. The group released a single called “Thing Called Us” in the spring of 2012 receiving over 2 million YouTube views, Billboard Top 100 placement, National Fame (Bet and MTV appearances) and over 2,000,000 streams.
In 2017 after coming of of the last “Scream Tour” Named “The Next Generation” containing acts OMG Girls, Mindless Behavior, and Jacob Latimore, The group Hamilton Park took an “Hiatus” giving Chris an opportunity to explore himself musically. Growing up in Hobson City, Voice always had an edgy hip hop background in an Industry that has since changed from “Polished and Rehearsed” to “Edgy and Real”. Chris Voice Has the ability to Sing and Rap and doesn’t mind showing his versatility dropping his first solo single and video named “I’m Just Sayin” (Produced by The Martianz). Chris felt he wanted to reintroduce himself truly to his fans and the industry singing about his dream to be successful and showing visuals in the video of the true house he grew up in and his beloved grandmother. Authenticity is a key point that Voice stands on. He is a songwriter that loves to express how he feels through music. In the hiatus, Voice also developed a love for Engineering, so much so that he opened a commercial studio in Oxford, Alabama called PowerHouse Recordings that has been operating for 4 years. A totally refreshed and focused Chris Voice consistently released singles featuring Skooly, Lil Donald, Nicki Minaj, Spectacular and in 2019 dropped a new single titled “In the Safe” (Produced by Whymen Grindin) establishing Chris Voice alone having 400,000+ views on youtube and 500,000 streams. His new body of work titled “Blue Moon” released independently is putting Chris Voice back on the industry radar. Having a new understanding of the Industry and how it works Voice is ready its head on and knows what he wants.

What qualities make you different and unique from everyone else in the industry?

I sing and rap i do real R&B i write my own music i write and come from a place a relatable realness I like to have fun catch vibes travel and write about those experiences I come from a small town so I also write about things that someone from a small town would think experience and aspire to be.

Describe THAT moment when you realized you’re doing what you were born to do. 

The moment I realized I was doing what I was born to do I was standing on the meeting table at the Atlantic headquarters going hard performing in an audition while all the executives we arguing about what direction they were gonna take us and what things they saw for me and the group that I was in’s future hearing those people that have worked with so many great talents speaking on me with the same energy was a major confirmation.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to go through and how did you grow through it?

My biggest challenge honestly was my group being dropped and then disbanding. At the time I thought, well I know for me as and individual I put my all into it. On the way out of high school feeling like I got drafted in the NBA from the small town of Hobson City Alabama, I thought I had a once in a life time opportunity. And opportunity that I would never get back. Had had to grit my teeth and press on learn the business get a regular job working customer service so when people go from seeing you on TV now you are checking them out at the local store the questions start to come. What happened? You still doing music? I had to stay consistent and not give up on myself.

Who are the TOP 3 people you’d want to meet that could elevate your career or business?  Why these specific individuals?

Yung Bleu – we are from the same state and I feel our stories are very similar I find myself relating to him as an artist often

Coi Leray- I feel we would make dope music together and would be a good fit on whatever your she was on

Coach K – (or really any mogul R&B driven) specifically for Coach K and QC they have no R&B over there I know as an artist what I bring to the table and would go hard for who was representing me.

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