Girlfriend Unveils New Single “FWY” To Start Off New Year

Well-known recording artist, Girlfriend, has recently unveiled her new single, “FWY” which has caught the attention of many people in the music scene!

The song is sexy and soothing as Girlfriend displays her vocal abilities for the world to hear. She is considered a breath of fresh air to those who are hearing her for the first time. During the pandemic, Girlfriend honed in on her interests in engineering.

“FWY” and the upcoming album are both engineered by her. Girlfriend expressed, “I don’t like waiting. When I want to record, I want to be able to record. I don’t want to work around people’s time. I don’t rely on other people.

Now that she has this skill under her belt, Girlfriend is able to have full control of her music and looks forward to sharing her new music with everyone.

Girlfriend’s music is the perfect combination of R&B, Hip Hop, and more! The self-titled album will be approximately 10-12 songs and as per the amazing songstress, “I feel it’s a better indicator of my full potential.”

Growing up, she was surrounded by a plethora of genres of music and recalls her father’s love for R&B and reggae. Girlfriend became nostalgic while recalling a heartfelt memory, “I would hear people singing on the radio and try to replicate what they were doing. I remember the first time I added a vibrato to my voice and told my mom.”

It’s memories like these that help mold superstars as they continue to hold them close to their hearts as they climb the ladder within the entertainment business.

When asked what message she has for other independent artists, Girlfriend stated, “I wanted to learn engineering. I did it. I wanted to learn how to make cover art. I learned it.

No one is going to put the amount of pride into your work like you are. Cut as many middle men out as possible. Just roll with the people you need.

As an established artist, Girlfriend certainly has the talent, intelligence, and solid team that is required to take her music career to the next level! Be sure to follow her on social media and stream her new single, “FWY” while we await her upcoming album!





Julz Mancini
Julz Mancini
Julz is an entertainment writer with deep connections to the industry. Her years of experience allow for a robust perspective to shine through her content while also serving as a top consultant to artists.


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