Jon Meggison Lands First Big Role In Major DC Fan Film “Flash Through the Multiverse”

Jon Meggison has landed his first big role in a Major DC Universe fan film in The Flash Through The Multiverse. He will be taking on the role of J’onn Jones who is known as an immigrant from the sister planet Mars. A Martian soldier trained as a Manhunter came to this planet by accident but, J’onn quickly discovered he could do more than just hide, he could protect his new home as The Martian Manhunter! He is a founding member of the Justice League, with power rivaling Superman.

When we asked him about this project and role he said “It’s a dream come true! I mean growing up as a kid and DC/MCU fan it’s every kid’s dream to be a superhero and now I get to do it for real, I couldn’t be more excited when I decided to become an actor my dream role was always wanting to be a superhero. The best part about is my son is a huge superhero fan so he gets to see his dad in action; that’s what I’m most excited about”. Jon is really looking to expand his creativity and range heading into the superhero universe.

A Flash through the Multiverse’ is the first in a new chapter in fan films, by creating their very own Cinematic Universes made by the fans from an over the world. Jon will be teaming up with Knightfall Productions. Which has over 15 projects lined up over the next ten years. Teamed by Gavin Moore of Super Suits Cosplay as their costumer writer, and Barry Allen, also adding Angeline Marie and Ray Simon from Angelography. This gives the team an opportunity to work with Characters DC fans want more of but haven’t seen a lot of, and give screen time to characters people are clamoring for, such as Cyborg, Blue Beetle, Nubia, Calvin Ellis, Green Arrow, and the Black Canary, even the Crime Syndicate.


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