Why Actors Are Choosing Communications Degree Over Others

Musical theatre audition season is quickly approaching and you feel the itching fingers of fear encroaching around your throat and it just seems all too much. Too much pressure, too many choices, not to mention the time constraints, and it doesn’t help that your parents are telling you to find a career to fall back on just in case the career doesn’t work for you. 

So you open your college pamphlets and you start browsing options, and you see Bachelor in Communications. Do actors communicate? So maybe it’ll be useful to you. But is it one of those degrees that sound like what it is or does it have more of a meaning?

Don’t worry I’ll walk you through what a Bachelor in Communications is, and how it can help you in your proffered profession.   

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What Communications can do for YOU, and what YOU can do with Communications. 

A degree in communications for an actor is a clever choice, the degree in its simplest form helps you market, and form articulate written communication as well as present yourself in any present situation. 

Coupled with performing arts classes of your choosing whether it be a minor in Musical Theatre, a double major in Film, or just simply taking acting classes on the side at a local studio close to your college you’re not wasting your time with a Communications major. The skillset you will learn inside the classroom will help you land gigs post-college.

Not to mention the degree will help you land a higher-paid job while you’re waiting to book jobs, you’re pursuing your craft all while your parents can sleep at night knowing that you’re not a statistically starving actor. 

The who’s who of The Communication Degree. 

With the headliner of the communication degree our lady herself Oprah Winfrey leading our example of the who’s who of The Communication Degree we can confidently see how wisely Mrs. Winfrey has used her degree and used it to its fullest extent. Her show The Oprah Winfrey Show aired from 1986 until 2001 that’s a pure prime example of an Actor using her communications degree and squeezing every single fiber of the knowledge she earned from it to her benefit.

Another talk show goddess who’s used her acting chops, and her degree to not only host but produce is Ellen DeGeneres whose record-breaking show is wrapping up with its final season this year. 

The Sexiest man alive Matthew McConaughey graduated with a degree in radio, television, and film from the College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin. 

Acclaimed film director, writer, producer, and actor Spike Lee holds a BA in Mass Communications and then followed it up with an MFA in film and television from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. 

Household favorite, and late-weather forecaster, journalist, and television personality Al Roker who’s spent 40+ years on the air graduated with a BA in communication from the State University of New York.

Road forging comedian Jerry Seinfeld who’s also an actor, producer, and screenwriter graduated with a dual degree in Communications and Theatre from the City University of New York. Regardless of the names regardless how their road to how the lesson is it’s proven possible, even more, evident is a degree in communications doesn’t limit you to just one role in the industry either. 

The road doesn’t have to be Confusing. 

So now that we know that it is possible to get a BA in something other than theatre, or film, that will not only prepare us for our desired craft but will also satisfy our parents and let them live longer in more peace, what do we do next? Well, research, but don’t worry I’ve done some of the hard work for you already.

If you’re in the midwest Norwestetern University in Evanston, IL is a four-year private school offering a Communication and Media Degree, ranked number one with a 9% acceptance rate, with an SAT range of 1440-1550. 

Ranked #2 for those on the west coast is the University of Southern California a four-year university, with an 11% acceptance rate and an average SAT range of 1360-1530. 

Ranking #3 is the University of Pennsylvania another four-year university, with an acceptance rate of 8% and an SAT range of 1450-1560. 

And for anyone on the east coast ranking in at #5 the University of North Carolina at Chaple Hill, with a 23% acceptance rate and a 1310-1500 SAT range.

The #6 University of Florida is located in Gainsville, Florida with a 37% acceptance rate, and SAT range of 1310-1470. Both #5, and #6 have love net prices as well, making them the better choices financially. With the options this good, it makes the only choice truly being where you want to go.  

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.” Rollo May. 

Regardless of what you do with the degree itself, it’s proven that communication truly is the currency that will never lose its value. It’s a degree that will repay you time and time again, and whether or not you use it to shine on the silver screen or land that big presentation in the board room I am confident that if you choose Communications you won’t be sorry.

 Don’t worry I’ll walk you through what a Bachelor in Communications is, and how it can help you in your proffered profession.   

Stacey Haught
Stacey Haughthttps://thelanote.com
Stacey E. Haught is an experienced acting coach spending over a decade molding young minds and future stars. She's an accomplished author, mentor, and novelist with a knack for crafting compelling stories. Stacey has been a pivotal component of developing and launching an independent digital magazine, networking, and interviewing key members of the local community. Stacey is a family woman and finds time to balance her home life and her writing career. In her free time, Stacey is an avid reader! Ping her on Instagram and see what’s she’s currently reading!


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