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“Lamorn’s signature sound has emerged as a fascinating blend of live instrumental textures, fluttering melodies, and vibrant synth arpeggios. All of this comes over fast-paced, bubbly beats. It’s hard to believe Lamorn is only 20; his sound emerges fully realized and impressively cohesive.” — This Song Is Sick

Multi-instrumentalist, electronic music producer & artist Lamorn (Seth Person) celebrates, June 2, the release of his debut full-length artist album Forever (mau5trap). The strong sense of joy and longing that pervades the 20-year-old’s uplifting, danceable songs as they aim to resonate with listeners worldwide. Meanwhile, look for Lamorn–a Billboard 2022 21 Under 21 artist– to set off on his ‘Forever’ 18-date national U.S. tour this summer to showcase material from his new album and his other releases, launching June 7 in Chicago. The full routing follows below.

Listen to Forever here:

The 13-track album was recorded at Lamorn’s home studio in Tempe with mau5trap label head deadmau5′ assistance in his Canadian studio which lends Forever the air of a master musician passing the torch on to his disciple. It begins impressively with the title track which rockets the listener to a paradisiacal realm through its twinkling, lapidary melody and a vocal of dreamy yearning.

“I’m naming the album after this song because it feels like the all-encompassing theme of the rest of the music,” shares Lamorn. “I’m an extremely sensitive person, which comes with its great strengths and terrible weaknesses. All the emotions in my life are so rich. I love so much. The connections I have with my family and friends are truly what I care about, and that’s purely where this all comes from. The lyrics in this song tell me to give in to that, and let myself feel those things, because that what truly makes my life great. I never want it to end.”

“To Be Alive” features some of the album’s punchiest beats, which, when combined with creamy, falsetto vocals and Lamorn’s star-dusted synth arpeggios, catapults listeners to states of ecstatic euphoria. “Who We Are” rides a melody of irrepressible giddiness, which bubbles over a saw-toothed bass synth, midtempo beats, and audacious vocal samples from English singer Millie Turner. “Message” places Lamorn’s expressive vocal over a hopeful melody and steadfast, pumping rhythm. 

The melancholic “Armed” eases in with a vaguely Boards Of Canada-like intro before a serene vocal loop adds to the hypnotic nature of the main melody, steadily percolating synths, and cushioned 4/4 beats. “Not Alone” builds serious drama with a sinuous melody and excellent dynamics. “This one came before ‘Message,’ when the anxieties felt more unknown to me. I connected back to all the people I love in my life, who help me so much with my happiness and creativity. They are the ones who always provide me with such a solid foundation to grow and become stronger from all those tough moments.” Another low-key peak is “Where Am I,” a coolly galloping, featherlight house number with vaporous vocal arrangements as luscious as those in 10cc’s “I’m Not In Love.”

Forever concludes with “Eleven,” the album’s longest track at almost eight minutes and its most extreme tonally, featuring its roughest bass frequencies and most blissful bleeps. The melody carries the air of a bittersweet departure, as moving as Brian Eno’s output circa Apollo. It’s the grand finale of a debut album that solidifies Lamorn as one of America’s most promising young EDM artists. 

Forever Track Listing:

  1. Forever (Feather)
  2. To Be Alive
  3. Who We Are
  4. Sonic
  5. Distance
  6. I Love This
  7. This Isn’t Real
  8. Not Alone
  9. Olsen After Midnight
  10. Where Am I
  11. Message
  12. Armed
  13. Eleven


6/07 – Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen

6/08 – Minneapolis, MN – 7th St Entry

6/10 – Kansas City, MO – Encore @ Uptown Theatre

6/15 – Washington, DC – DC9

6/16 – Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy

6/21 – Austin, TX – 3Ten ACL Live

6/22 – Houston, TX – The Bronze Peacock @ HOB

6/23 – New Orleans, LA – The Parish @ HOB

6/24 – Atlanta, GA – Vinyl

6/28 – Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby Court

6/29 – Denver, CO – Larimer Lounge

7/06 – Seattle, WA – Barboza

7/07 – Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios

7/08 – San Francisco, CA – Brick & Mortar

7/13 – San Diego, CA – Voodoo Room @ HOB

7/14 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo

7/15 – Phoenix, AZ – Valley Bar

7/22 – New York, NY – Zone One

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For more information on Lamorn, visit:

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