Laura Bryna Unveils Music Video For ‘Jawbreaker’ While Preparing To Launch Her First Ever Children’s Book

Laura is a multi-talented crossover artist who caters to contemporary country and pop audiences across the world. Her successes include the release of “Sweet Revenge” (2019) which scored a Top 10 seat on the Billboard Dance Chart; while her 2020 release, “Stars Are Falling” landed at No. 2 on Dance Music Chart in England, and No. 6 in France and Germany. Bryna’s single, “Make A Wish,” spent 10 consecutive weeks on AOL Billboard’s Most Streamed Download charts.

The video for ‘Jawbreaker’ is a flaming hot ’Roadhouse’ meets ‘Moulin Rogue’  eye-popping feast that was filmed in Nashville and directed by Justin Key and Taillight. Releases 10/14.

Laura says, “I wanted us to write a powerful, sassy, in your face, attitude song. An anthem to honor the confidence, strength, the bravery, the courage, the power of women, and  that we can accomplish anything we set our minds and hearts to. It’s a song about believing in yourself and don’t take any crap from anyone! Be the best authentic you!


On top of this incredible song release, Laura is also putting the finishing touches on the first of several children’s books inspired by her cherished parrots that feature in these beautifully illustrated books each with an inspiring and heartfelt message. “The Christmas Tradition” will be launched at the Southern Book fair, on Oct 14th, and there will be a national book tour/signings to follow.

The book coincides with the release of Laura’s original Christmas song “Wish List” which will be available in early November. Laura’s extensive resume as a country pop artist has included opening for or touring with superstars of multiple generations – including Taylor SwiftEmmylou HarrisClint BlackCarrie UnderwoodTim McGrawJason Aldean and Luke Bryan.


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