Sultry Synth Sisters Kid Moxie & NINA Release New EP ‘LUST’ via Italians Do It Better





What started as a desire by KID MOXIE, the musical moniker of Greek born, LA-based composer and musician Elena Charbila, to recreate the Jennifer Lopez hit “Waiting For Tonight” led to connecting with German synthwave doyenne NINA (Nina Boldt). It was instantly clear the two were “synth sisters” destined to make music together, and today, 3/24, lauded indie label Italians Do It Better releases a 5-track EP titled LUST.

LUST out now via Italians Do It Better on all digital platforms:

To coincide with the release of the new EP, KID MOXIE & NINA are also unveiling a sexy and mysterious new music video for the track “Crime.” The song was co-written by the duo, with production and mixing by Athens-based Hristos Lainas aka Franklin and Blade Runner-like sax flair by Skylar Funk.

Check out the video for “Crime” now:

Video director and editor Paige Von Bank shares her talents here and on the prior video released for the title track “Lust.” “As the sister video to ‘Lust,’ the ‘Crime’ visuals came very organically,” Von Bank shares. “They were originally targeted to be one with the ‘Lust’ music video but after seeing all the footage it made more sense to split the visuals into two separate, but connected, pieces. Ironically, just as NINA and Kid Moxie are on this EP, they became the Gemini twins of each other.

“For me, the sax in this track provided the perfect soundscape to drive themes of allusion and idiosyncrasy. Beauty doesn’t always have to be explicit, and I found great joy in trying to push the boundaries of oddity and curiosity to create a sense of allure. In that way, while ‘Lust’ was the overt symbol of glamor and consumption of Hollywood in the 50s, ‘Crime’ became the seedy, yet sexy, neo noir underbelly inspired by late 80s and early 90s cinema.”

NINA imagines “Crime” as “a mysterious yet romantic journey into a femme fatale electro underworld. Sensual vocal duets, cinematic synths, and flirtatious saxophone atmospherics inspired the music video with images of midnight love affairs and old movie light hypnosis.”

“’Crime’ for me is the kind of song that would be playing in a strip club in the original Blade Runner,” KID MOXIE adds. “Like two sirens inviting you to share your fantasies with them, so that they can make your ‘dreams come true.’”

Initially conceptualized during some of the darkest days of COVID with lockdowns still in-place, much of the LUST project was a digital and international collaborative experience. KID MOXIE spent several months composing and programming the tracks in Athens with producer Hristos Lainas aka Franklin. After most of the music was solidified, she and NINA would remotely bounce vocal ideas and lyrics back and forth. Finally, the two came together and finished and recorded the lyrics and vocals together at Kung Fu Studios in Berlin during two back-to-back 12-hour-days in the studio. Multi-instrumentalist Radio Wolf contributed his guitar magic to “Electric Kiss” and “Waiting For Tonight,” while Skylar Funk added his Blade Runner-like sax flair to “Crime.”

LUST is an album that encapsulates themes that I find eternally exciting like desire, old Hollywood, and night drives,” KID MOXIE shares of the project. “I’ve never had a partner in crime before and NINA, from the beginning, felt like the perfect match to explore this neon noir universe with.”

NINA goes on to say, “LUST was a compelling project for me because I had never experimented with themes of erotica before. Collaborating with Kid Moxie was lots of fun and I think this album’s sound is dark yet playful. We don’t take ourselves too seriously while still maintaining a mysterious edge.”

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