NAWAS Releases New Single “CONTACT HIGH” Featuring Heather Russell

Released on March 15 Via Kick Kick Snare Records


For their latest single “Contact High” released on (March 15), Nashville-based, emotive dance/alt-pop duo NAWAS–who is  lead singer/pianist Jake Nawas and producer/multi-instrumentalist Ben McDaniel–team up with emerging powerhouse vocalist and songwriter Heather Russell.

Russell–whose voice heralded by NYLON “…mixes Doja Cat’s attitude with Ariana Grande’s weightlessness for a sound that’s undeniably addictive…”–takes charge alongside NAWAS’ intricate production on “Contact High” for an infectious club track ready to soar among house and dnb sets alike.

Listen to “Contact High” here:

“‘Contact High’ is a song that thrives on the dance floor. It’s about everyone else in the room melting away as the music forges a cosmic connection between you and your partner,” shares NAWAS. “There’s nothing coy or subtle here; the lyrics assert, ‘You don’t need to chase me, I am right here, baby, I am yours.’ Just their touch is all you need to keep the night alive.”

“Contact High” is the follow up to NAWAS’ latest single “Made For Love.” Taking the band’s infectious brooding alt-pop groove while delving deeper into their classic house and EDM influences, the song was heralded by Dancing Astronaut as “…the beginning of an electrifying journey,” with This Song Is Sick adding, “‘Made For Love’ features a powerful, emotive vocal, as lead singer Jake Nawas delves deeply into themes of love and lust. Equally powerful is the impactful production laying the foundation for the vocal to shine.” Listen to “Made For Love” here.

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The meaning of NAWAS is defined as “Beauty Of Life.” The surname of their charismatic lead singer, Jake Nawas, has been elevated to the status of a band moniker, in perfect harmony with the creative genius of producer Ben McDaniel.

These lifelong best friends, hailing from the rugged heart of Louisiana, were raised amidst a rich tapestry of musical influences. Their upbringing was steeped in the soulful nostalgia of vintage vinyl records, courtesy of their grandparents, and the electrifying rhythms of the iconic pop legends of the ’80s.

Yet, their journey transcends mere good taste; it is an unspoken mastery of innate talent that sets them apart, leaving spectators awestruck. Give Ben an instrument and he’ll hand you back a worldly composition; give Jake a pad of paper and a mic and you’ll catch yourself off guard with your mouth open.

Since the inception of NAWAS, the music has lived on the outskirts of the electronic world, with genre-bending epics like “Wrong” and “Nevermind.” Over the last year, though, as they delved further into writing the forthcoming Exposure EP, they found themselves leaning further into classic house and EDM influences.

This allowed them to flex their musical chops and individuality within boundaries set by them…and only them. The result has been focused, radio-ready songs like single “Contact High,” featuring Heather Russell, produced by the duo alongside frequent collaborator Geoff Duncan (Armin Van Buuren, Nightbirde, Zayde Wolfe).

With NAWAS, the future unfolds as a blank canvas, ready to be painted with sonic innovation and a relentless passion for the “Beauty of Life.”


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Once upon a time, pop stars were true originals. Think blue suede shoes, cone bras, and meat gowns—a signature of iconic figures forging their own path to success. Nowadays, in a landscape hyper-focused on going viral, there’s a never-ending chase to find more of what hit your ‘For You’ page this morning.

The end result is that mundanity wins. Enter Heather Russell, seeking the antidote. With depth that accompanies wisdom, the grit of anxiety and influences of yesteryear’s troubadours, Heather emerges as a 23-year-old powerhouse vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, based in Toronto.

Inspired by a love of film noir and pop culture, Heather’s songs have a vintage, theatrical feel with a voice akin to the Mariahs and Arianas of the world. After navigating the industry’s twists and turns since signing a major record deal at the tender age of 9, she possesses the determination and life experience to lay it all on the line.


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