Omar Doom’s Straight Razor Remixes Destryur ‘PIT OF DOOM’ New Destryur Album Dimensions Out March 29

Omar Doom’s Straight Razor Live At WMC – March 22 In Miami

Destryur’s Splatterday Night March 23 At The Goat New Orleans

March 19, 2024 – New Orleans, LA:  Destryur gets the remix treatment by Omar Doom’s Straight Razor with the new singlePit Of Doom.’ The track is taken from Destryur’s forthcoming album Dimensions on Omar Doom’s Doom Vision label March 29.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Pit of Doom’ on YouTube:

This is the sixth full length from Destryur (aka Chris Taylor) producer, DJ and artist living and working in New Orleans. His style draws inspiration from horror movies, ghost stories, and EDM – this album includes everything from mid-tempo, dubstep, phonk, and classic synthwave.

Destryur puts on a bi-monthly DJ night in New Orleans called ‘Splatterday Night’ mixing synthwave, mid-tempo, giallo disco, and other dark electronic. The next party is March 23rd at The Goat, New Orleans. 

Omar Doom’s Straight Razor will also be performing live during WMC Miami’s Music Week on March 22.

About Destryur: Destryur is Chris Taylor originally hailing from Tampa, FL and New York City. As a kid he had an interest in music production starting with creating hip hop mix CD’s in high-school and giving them to friends for free.

Daft Punk’s Homework and Justice’s Cross turned him onto EDM and made him want to produce music with more electronic elements. He started making trap style/dubstep music around 2011 and discovering synthwave (Mitch Murder and Perturbator) changed his musical direction.

He started spinning at Sam Valentine’s Nightwav dance parties and set himself apart from his Darksynth peers with music infinitely more danceable but just as menacing. Each of his releases are a self-contained world of madness and kitsch. Sleazy city underbellies to hillside horrors.

Destryur wears his Troma influences proudly and pulls inspiration from films, re-interpreting the stories into songs using mostly digital instruments with the occasional hardware synthesizers Moog SubPhatty and Jupiter 8.

Destryur’s debut album Panic slashed its way into the world in 2019, peaking at #1 on Bandcamp’s Electronic albums and #17 on the iTunes Russia charts. In 2020, Destryur teamed up with STRNGR to release Night at the Grindhouse on NRW Records, which solidified his foothold in the Darksynth scene.

Destryur has also been featured on the documentary soundtracks ‘In Search of Darkness’ Parts 2 and 3. His music has garnered over 3 million streams across Spotify and Apple Music.

Destryur has played alongside some of the best electronic artists, including Perturbator, GosT, Magic Sword, Combichrist, Brothel and Omar Doom’s STRAIGHT RAZOR.

About Doom Vision: Omar Doom started Doom Vision to create a home for his project, STRAIGHT RAZOR, and to put out music that he loves. “I was a fan of Destryur long before I met him at a show he played in LA back in March 2023.

We had already begun messaging about our shared interest in horror movies/soundtracks and art. When I heard he was working on album I demanded to hear it. I was floored when I heard it and immediately asked him to put it out on Doom Vision.”




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