Post Alternative Rock Outfit The Behaviour Release The Dark Introspective And New Album “A Sin Dance”

Post Alternative Rock Outfit The Behaviour Release The Dark And Introspective New Album “A Sin Dance”

The Behaviour is excited to announce the release of the album, A Sin Dance. The album is available worldwide on all streaming platforms.

Recorded throughout 2022, this album features seven new tracks entirely written, arranged, and performed by Der Baron M. Kilpatric. These songs are the first to showcase Kilpatric’s unique songwriting style and wide ranging musical abilities. Culled from a wealth of material written over the past few years, these were specifically selected for their dynamic, eclectic, and diverse nature to give but a taste of what is to come.

Two singles precipitated the release, “Burning of the Neon Dream (Radio Edit)” and “An Untouchable Relic (Radio Edit)”, which bring together elements of 80’s goth/shoegaze and 90’s alternative rock in a contemporary and modern sounding style.

The Behaviour

The Behaviour is a gothic inspired post-alternative rock group created by Der Baron M. Kilpatric in 2020. The new solo project has completed recording its debut album, A Sin Dance, which will be released on September 15th, 2023 worldwide across all streaming platforms. The album was entirely written, arranged, and performed by Kilpatric himself. While currently located in New England, this album culminated from his time residing in Colorado and the Midwest while marinating in the sounds of Jeff Buckley, Soundgarden, Slint, Killing Joke, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, my bloody valentine, David Bowie, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and countless others.

After spending over 20 years of his prolific career contributing to writing, recording, and/or performing as the drummer for such groups as Black Light Burns, The Esoteric, Seaspin, Kylesa, F- Minus, Crisis, and Today is the Day, to name a few, Kilpatric has stepped forward to present this mesmerizing and affecting creation.

The Behaviour as a perfect and effective representation of the sounds, melodies, and noises heard in his head and ringing in his ears for quite some time. While being a catharsis, purging, and execution of shadow work in its purest form of expression, this record is merely a prologue. The music is dark and melancholic on the surface, yet underneath the richly textured layers are introspective messages of redemption, healing, and renewal found through experienced loss and traumas. It expresses the true essence of finding one’s self in his/her sober reflection and through the interpersonal relationships of self, others, and environment.

“A Sin Dance”:

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