Progressive Heavy Metal Band Exodus Rising Unveils New Single “THE FALLEN”

In a groundbreaking fusion of biblical narrative and progressive heavy metal, Exodus Rising emerges as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of Christian Metal. Their latest single, “The Fallen,” is a celestial odyssey chronicling the epic battle before time and creation, where the Morningstar, Lucifer, was cast out from heaven by the Archangel Michael and banished by God Himself.

Capturing the essence of this celestial conflict, “The Fallen” humanizes its characters, bringing to life the sacred texts and unveiling the awe-inspiring history of creation. With thunderous riffs and soaring vocals, Exodus Rising embarks on a cosmic journey, pushing the boundaries of Christian Metal to new heights.

“The Fallen” serves as a beacon of light amidst the darkness, showcasing the duality of brutality and love inherent in the Christian faith. With a progressive heavy metal flair, Exodus Rising fearlessly confronts the evils that plague our world, standing tall with their craft and defying convention.

“Our goal with ‘The Fallen’ was to breathe new life into the age-old story of Lucifer’s fall from grace,” says NY Charlie. “We wanted to create a musical experience that not only resonates with fans of heavy metal but also carries a deeper spiritual significance.”

Exodus Rising’s debut album, “The Book of Life,” promises to be a monumental journey through the annals of biblical history, reimagined through the lens of Progressive Heavy Metal. With “The Fallen” leading the charge, listeners can expect an immersive experience that transcends genres and leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

“The Book of Life” is available now on, and “The Fallen” is available for streaming and download on all major platforms. Join Exodus Rising as they defy the odds, challenge convention, and blaze a trail through the cosmos with their cosmic epic of redemption and defiance.

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