Roanoke Are Back With Brilliant New Single “Back Again”

Nashville based Kill Rock Stars recording artist Roanoke release fabulous new Fleetwood Mac tinged single “Back Again” 

🎶“Back Again” audio: https://pocp.co/back-again

📺”Back Again” official video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnVfz4SxCgI

Fronted by Taylor Dupuis(vocals/acoustic/songwriter), Joey Beesley (vocals/electric guitar/songwriter) Richard Bennett on bass, and B.L. Reed on electric guitar,Roanoke seamlessly blend 70s/80s aesthetic with modern sensibility. 1970’s mysticism and spiritually weave throughout their timeless signature sound along with the rich vocal harmony. After touring the U.S, Roanoke are back and have found equilibrium. “Back Again” is the result of serious growing pains. 

Joey states,“Back Again touches on many life lessons, but I’d say that the main message is that nostalgia comes with a wide spectrum of emotion, and goodbyes feel important in the moment but eventually fade into the past.”

Roanoke Online

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Photo Credit: John Florentino

Roanoke seamlessly blend a 70s/80s aesthetic with modern sensibility by delving into a mystic rock core. For 8 years, these elements have persisted in their music, evolving as the band has risen through the ranks of the independent rock scene. Mysticism is a primary component to the band’s foundation and not only in their lyrical themes – the band’s live shows bring their spirituality and mysticism all to fruition. Roanoke has grown into a road-tested outfit, retaining an affinity for raising energy and rich vocal harmony. Their live shows have won over audiences since the band first started touring 6 years ago.

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