Samuel Blaney Shares First In A Series Of Singles With ‘Ember’

New York, NY: Introducing Samuel Blaney, a singer, songwriter and horticulturist from the West of Ireland who is sharing is first release to the world with ‘Ember. The single is an opening to a series of tender love songs encapsulated in the symbolic transition of the seasons. Throughout these releases, listeners will follow Blaney, “throughout a winter into a spring.”

The debutant songwriter shares the organic moments of connection between himself and the world around his that influenced the formation of these songs, including ‘Ember.’

Listen to Ember on YouTube:

“The songs were usually written in one takes, recorded at dawn. Sometimes from a dream or vivid image, they are held together by the surrounding landscape which was silent and spacious. No lyric was prepared or written in advance; allowing a searching and vulnerability to form. The songs are tender because there was little outside noise, other than the birds and animals.”

It’s evident that Blaney’s themes, content, textures and lyrics are deeply embedded in the natural environment; a setting he both lives and works in, whether that be in the Ireland or Western California, the two places he calls home. 

‘Ember’ was produced by the film composer and artist Adem Ilhan in the UK and Ireland. It’s a stripped-back, raw and resplendent sound, one that allows Samuel Blaney’s extraordinary and intimate vocals to shine as he delivers those sincere lyrics.

Mara Alcantara
Mara Alcantara
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