Sinan Sahin Turned His Passion for Mental Health into a Thriving Micro Influencer Marketing Agency

Sintillate Talent are an Award-Winning, International Talent & Influencer Agency, with representation in 13 countries on 5 continents worldwide. Our purpose is the development of the Micro-Influencer, and connecting them to global brands to support their growth through online influencer marketing campaigns. Sintillate Talent was founded in October 2019, and manage 400 global influencers, and campaigns for 200+ brand partners worldwide. Sintillate Talent had won the ‘Supporting Mental Health Across Social media at the National Social Media Awards in London in October 2021 and have officially won the same International award, at the National Social Media Awards in Los Angeles, USA on 26th January 2022.

It is no secret that social media can impact our mental health, often making us feel that we should all look, feel and act a specific way based on a constructed ‘social norm’ reflected on social media. Influencers are often seen by audiences as a ‘perfect’ representation, which is dangerous for everybody. Often, this expectation can manifest within the influencer’s mind, demanding they portray ‘perfection’, which is an unrealistic expectation for all human beings. Failure to meet this expectation, may impact the mental health of influencers, and audiences who follow. Forbes reported a study in December 2019, whereby 47% of 10,000 Social Media Influencers surveyed claimed that their job negatively impacted their mental health. Sintillate Talent’s work is to reduce this figure, and managing campaigns to demonstrate that showing human vulnerability which audiences can relate too, are more powerful than trying to showcase ‘perfection’.

At Sintillate Talent, we have three core values. To ‘Develop’ Talent, to ‘Grow’ Business, and to ‘Connect’ Teams. The ‘Connect’ value falls in line with our concept of ‘Collaboration, not Isolation’, in an industry where influencers often work and feel alone. Our international reputation is built on bringing talent together in various ways such as forums, joint assignments and team campaigns, where influencers can use their creative minds collectively to defeat the feeling of isolation, grow platforms as a community and drive awareness as a talent team.

The mission at Sintillate Talent is to use influencers collective voices and influence to empower audiences and address key issues linked to poor mental health and wellbeing in society. Many of these factors are often heightened by social media and therefore, influencers should use social platforms to tackle the issues. Sintillate Talent run regular key awareness campaigns with brand partners to highlight topics which are often linked and impacts mental wellbeing. We explore and highlight topics that are often left unspoken, such as fertility problems, female empowerment, and equal opportunity, which can have an impact on wellbeing and life decisions. By working together with our brand partners, and the support of our inhouse wellbeing team, our influencers utilise our campaigns to highlight ‘taboo’ topics, and issues they have experienced, to drive awareness and lead the way on speaking about key subjects. 

Our purpose is to demonstrate to other influencers, audiences, and society that it is okay to speak openly about the factors which impact our everyday lives, and that is normal to show vulnerability and encourage audience to seek help. The job of an influencer should not just be to promote products and services, but to also use their collective voices to send prosocial messages to society to initiate change. We do this by encouraging influencers to not provoke audience reaction through opinion, but to educate through experience, and drive awareness through influence.

It is with this focus, that Sintillate Talent picked up the ‘Supporting Mental Health Across Social Media’ awards at the National Social Media Awards in London in October 2021 and in Los Angeles, USA on 26th January 2022.

National Social Media Awards in Los Angeles, California
'Supporting Mental Health Across Social Media’ Award at the National Social Media Awards in Los Angeles, California
‘Supporting Mental Health Across Social Media’ Award at the National Social Media Awards in Los Angeles, California

We will continue to work with the industry, and brand partners to drive awareness to the factors which are present in social media. Together, we can connect talent, and use our collective voices and influence to drive awareness on issues surrounding mental wellbeing to our audiences. As an industry; Influencers, Celebrities, Agencies, Tech and Social Platforms, Media Publications and Brands, we can work as one to overcome these challenges, and support mental health across social media on a worldwide scale.

Sinan Sahin

Sinan Sahin

Chief Executive Officer

Sintillate Talent (Talent Team Ltd.)

To connect with us:

Instagram: @SintillateTalent

TikTok: @SintillateTalent

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