Stormi Banks and Pink Print Unveil Entrepreneurial Event in Luxury Setting

Stormi Banks, the founder and CEO of Pink Print, is putting in work for the BIPOC female entrepreneurial and businesswomen communities. Not only has she created a unique and exclusive course to help aspiring female entrepreneurs learn how to leverage their business credit via ‘Build Business Credit Like a Boss’, but she is now also set to launch an exclusive networking event, Pink Print Presents: Link Up.

Stormi Banks, the founder and CEO of Pink Print

Link Up is a two-day event which invites all powerhouse female entrepreneurs to gather on March 18-19, 2022, in Los Angeles, Calif., learn from each other and network, in a luxurious West Hollywood Hills mansion, all while garnering skills to propel their respective businesses from some of the best and most influential women in the business world.

This unique opportunity, which includes a roundtrip to LA, from Banks and Pink Print, is to provide a safe and educational space for female entrepreneurs and businesswomen to come share best practices, garner education in key busines strategies and areas, encourage each other and elevate their games. The two-day experience includes keynote speakers, networking sessions, and marketing and content creation strategies, in a luxurious setting for women of all industries, with daily meals included, as well as networking events and giveaways!

“I love reaching inward and showcasing the femininity of business and the absolute power of female leaders,” said Banks. “The women I’ve had the honor to work with are creating a better tomorrow. I wanted to uplift minority women who do not have access to these resources.”

Pink Print Presents: Link Up

Day 1: The Secrets to Building a Profitable Business

The first day in L.A., Friday, March 18, will focus on spotlighting the secrets to building a successful and profitable business structure to advance one’s business to 10x in revenue in 2022. Elite women, across various and numerous industries, will gather to speak to attendees on creating, building and sustaining seven-figure businesses, themselves. Banks and Co. will unveil top secrets that most successful businesseswomen are utilizing today to shine, be consistent and garner the strength to maintain an unshakeable business, all while conquering the fears associated with owning a business.

Day 2: The Strategy to Making 7-Figures with Marketing

Saturday, March 19, will call for a focus on marketing initiatives to guide female entrepreneurs and businesswomen to creating, building and sustaining a seven-figure company. Attendees will be educated on deriving a results-driven marketing strategy, creating marketing plans and other key factors to ultimately boost sales, build a stable and reliable following and audience base too. The mantra of the day is to unpack a powerful universal law: ‘Planning to succeed is the antidote for planning to fail’. The goal is to pursue and develop a consistent strategy that is rooted and realistic, versus just allowing hopes and dreams to guide the way.

Keynote Speakers and Special Guests

The Pink Print CEO, Banks, herself, will spotlight the stage of special guest speakers, and joining her are three other female industry boss leaders in Destine Patton, a self-made millionaire and founder of Sidity Society, well-renowned business strategy coach and transformational speaker, Ellie Diop, and India Bridges, a multi-millionaire who build her Instagram empire of followers using no ads and now teaches businessleaders to do the same.

VIP tickets are still available as well, including a roundtrip flight to L.A., room and board in a luxurious room in the mansion, access to exclusive networking social media groups, business photoshoots and even the rare opportunity to visit with Banks, the funding specialist.

For more information and purchasing tickets to Link Up, please visit and for more information about Banks, Pink Print and its ‘Build Business Credit Like a Boss’ course, go to 

Helping Women Find Their Way in the Business World

Banks knows the struggles of female entrepreneurs, the hurdles of finding one’s way in a seemingly male-dominated workforce and building a business from the ground up, including forming the company, securing finance, building credit and scaling and sustainability issues.

Upon finding success as a businesswoman, Banks pivoted into more of a consulting role to help empower budding female entrepreneurs and businesswomen find success, especially BIPOC women, from all backgrounds, who may not necessarily have all the available resources.

”The idea of community is drilled in my brain. We have to always be ready to bring more to the table, offer them a seat and help people grow,” Banks said. “My favorite moments are spent with women who have big, audacious ideas. When I think of all the incredible innovations, connections, and solutions that have been made in the past decade, I wonder how much more we have to uncover—there is so much possibility!”

She believes that there is a special energy derived from each-and-every client session in helping businesswomen feel empowered and find their way.

“I love reaching inward and showcasing the femininity of business and the absolute power of female leaders,” Banks proclaimed. “The women I’ve had the honor to work with are creating a better tomorrow.”

About Stormi Banks

Stormi Banks, CEO of Pink Print, is the founder of the “Build Business Credit Like a Boss” Course, which is a course that teaches how to leverage your business credit to get funding to young female aspiring entrepreneurs. To join her program, take advantage of a new initial offer: Business Credit Course — $78 — Helping Businesses Build Their Credit, visit:

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