Singer-Songwriter Brittneye Tells Us Her Greatest Inspiration Behind Her Art

Please introduce yourself. What do you do? Why? What do you want people to know about you?

What’s up, everyone! I’m Brittneye, a singer-songwriter from Greenville, Texas. What is my ‘why’? You. My music is for the people who are different, eclectic, unique, outcasted, innovators, and creators.

I hope to inspire others to release whatever is holding them back and step into their greatness and destiny through my art. I sing and write not only for myself and you but for the legacy and example for my children and their generation.

What qualities make you different and unique from everyone else in the industry?

I’m passionate, bold, and vibrant just like my sound. My art provokes thought, challenges societal norms, and makes you shake your ass at the same damn time! When you listen to my music my intent is for you to feel like a badass who’s on top of the world as if you can do the impossible…because you can and so can I.

I’m an un-genre believer meaning good music is just that and shouldn’t be placed in a box. Imagine a world where art is limitless and collaborations across all genres and labels are possible. What would the outcome be? My intention is to find out and I invite all to join me on this journey.

Describe THAT moment when you realized you’re doing what you were born to do.

I’ve always known or most accurately put when I became a conscious being, I knew my assignment on Earth, which is to sing and shine my light. The moment it hit me, I kid you not, I was at Happy Times daycare, a cute little blue building in my hometown of Greenville, Texas. I can almost smell the Papier-mâché and crayons now.

Our teacher decided to take us to the Travis Elementary School playground across the street. All the children and I walked in a line as we crossed the street. Once our feet touched the grass we all broke out running towards the playground excited and ready to play. While I was running, I looked up at the sun and sang a single note “Ahhhhhhh”! I continued to run and shouted, “I can sing, I can sing!” No one understood but it was at that moment I realized I’d received a gift.

A few years later in 1st or 2nd grade, I wrote my first songs in crayon in my little music notepad. I still have it to this day there are hearts and rainbows drawn in crayons around some r&b song lyrics.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to go through and how did you grow through it?

The biggest challenge I’ve had is conquering my own self-doubt and fear. I remember being told that I don’t look like what an artist should look like because I’m a big girl and that people are going to talk bad about me and that I wouldn’t be able to handle it because I’m sensitive and not strong or emotionally intelligent enough.

I remember someone saying I can’t really sing and that I should be realistic about my aspirations. Couple that along with bullying and natural insecurities that develop during puberty, I dimmed my light. The worst part was questioning whether or not they were right. I lost focus and spiraled into depression all in secret. Only my best friend at the time knew how much I was hurting and now my husband.

After years of living a life of trading time for money and simply surviving at jobs that were not serving my purpose, living life, my husband and I naturally conceived twin girls after 10 years of trying. It was a tough pregnancy and I was placed on bed rest for months. During that time I was able to be still. I was able to witness my body do something incredible, sustain life for two for 35 weeks. After the birth of my children, Aria and Arielle, I continued to self-reflect and evaluate.

I thought about the lessons I learned from my mama and the lessons I wanted to pass down to my children. To sum it up, I want my girls to do and be whatever they want, the sky is the limit and there is no glass ceiling. I want them to be bold and unapologetic in the pursuit of their passions. Then I realized the greatest lesson I learned from my mother was by watching her.

I watched as she applied makeup and fixed her hair, how she meticulously laid out her clothes. I watched as she put herself through nursing school, watched as she cleaned houses on the weekend to earn extra money, and I watched her launch a business and fight through adversity with relentlessness. I realized that my babies are watching me, and if I want them to believe in their dreams and do them that I will have to show them.

Who are the TOP 3 people you’d want to meet that could elevate your career or business? Why these specific individuals?

I would love to meet the Queen, mogul, and fellow Texan twin mom Beyoncé. I’ve followed her career since the slow version of “No, No, No” and actually saw Destiny’s Child perform for free at the Texas State Fair back in the day. My friends (former girl group) and I went there specifically for this concert. I would ask her how she continuously tops herself, her process of intentionality and manifestation, and how she managed to garner power in a male-dominated industry. I’d also love some vocal tips from her because duh she’s one of the best vocalists of modern time.

I’d also love to meet the legend, trendsetter, and icon Missy Elliott. When I think of unique and innovative music I think of Missy. I’d love to pick her brain about her originality and grit.

Last but certainly not least, I’d like to meet Issa Rae. Issa is a visionary who’s authentic, bold, and fearless. She building an empire that spans media, music, and I hear a swanky air b&b as of late. What I love about Issa is she’s not afraid to say what everyone is thinking but is also willing to roll up her sleeves and be part of the change she wants to see.

I’d love to continue to support her as a patron but also put in work alongside her in some capacity because I believe in what she’s building and I see intersections that align with my brand as well.

Drop your social media links.

TikTok: @brittneye_
Instagram: @brittneye_
Join the Brittallion on my fan site:

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