The Former Girl Band, Now Known as an ‘AUNTIE BAND’, Carillo Is Back After 30 Years – New Single Out Now!

Carillo, a former Finnish girl band, now an auntie band, formed in 1987, made a spectacular comeback in 2023 at Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki. The debut vinyl, bearing the band’s name Carillo, was released back in 1988 by French label New Wave Records and the two-track 7″ single ‘2h+kk’ was released in 1993 via Cessu Records.

Now, more than 30 years after the previous release, this auntie-turned-band released a new single ‘Mun vaihdevuodet (My Menopause) to celebrate Women’s Day. A music video for the song was also released and it can be seen here:

Anu Hietikko comments:
“Mun vaihdevuodet song was born out of my own experiences, when finally many symptoms got an explanation, Menopause! 

The word estrogen was spinning in my head and the idea that this was going to be a song. Mainly to amuse my friends, I made a comp on which I started to rhythm the words related to the topic. You don’t hear this played by the band at gigs but it’s on the end of the set.

It’s a kind of static machine hum that you might find similarities to some of the bigger hits. In honour of Women’s Day, however, it was decided to release this song as well. An important topic that is talked about too little and many are also embarrassed to talk about menopause.

I also wanted to make a music video to the song to humorously demotivate the menopause. It’s got auntie-ness in it!”

LISTEN Mun vaihdevuodet on streaming services: 

The former girl band, now known as an ‘auntie band’, Carillo, was formed in 1987 during middle school recess. At the time, none of the girls knew how to play any instruments, and they kept changing instruments according to mood.

Carillo became a local sensation after recording for a French New Wave label in 1988 and touring France in 1989. The release has been sold in Japan and North America, and fan mail poured in, especially from France, Germany, and Poland. Carillo’s last gig was in 1994 at Nummirock.

In 2023, Carillo made a spectacular comeback on the stage of Rytmikorjaamo in Seinäjoki. The approach to their work is more relaxed now, with a generous dose of self-irony.

“This world needs more Aunt Attitude, “Auntitude.” Auntitude is summarized as the joy of playing regardless of skills. We are learning to take ourselves less seriously, and yes, aunts can still sing punk!

Music style is always difficult to categorise, but the band describes their new musical style as follows: Auntitude with versatile flavors. Based on pop-rock with a hint of the 80s and a touch of punk. Served with self-ironic Finnish lyrics, experience brought by age, and witty humor.

During their youth, femininity wasn’t emphasized, but now women see this aspect in a new light.

“As young girls, we wanted the music to speak for itself, and we went on stage quite modestly dressed. Now we’re enjoying this new opportunity. Aunts rock!” 

“Age may have brought us a couple of wrinkles, so it’s not suitable to go on stage looking serious and with furrowed brows.” 

“We might not have developed much during the 30-year break, but we believe we can now take it easier than when we were young. We’re serious but with a relaxed attitude!”

Carillo – Mun vaihdevuodet (single 2024)

Track list:
01. Mun vaihdevuodet

Composed & lyrics by: Anu Hietikko.

ISRC: FI3FC2482309

Single cover: Anu Hietikko

Anu Hietikko – vocals & guitars
Terhi Viitanen – keys
Louna Yli-Hemminki – guitar
Seliina Päällysaho – bass
Satu Säilä – drums


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