The LA Note’s Top 22: Freshest Talent to Follow in the First Quarter of 2022

Gal Gadot 

Who hasn’t heard of Gal Gadot? Famously known for playing the role of Wonder Woman in the DC Comics franchise, she has captivated the world with her beauty and skill in acting. She recently starred in the film Red Notice, which has become Netflix’s most-watched film of all time, surpassing Bird Box which was the previous record-holder.

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Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is basically a household name at this point. She is the recipient of quite a handful of awards, including an Academy Award and a British Academy Film Award. With an Emmy nomination, four Golden Globe Awards, and five (yes, five!) Screen Actors Guild Awards. In addition to that, she recently won the best actress at the 78th Venice Film Festival for her role in Parallel Mothers, a film about two mothers who give birth on the same day.

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Jared Leto

It’s another win for the DC fans out there. Jared Joseph Leto is best known for his role as Joker in the hit movie Suicide Squad. He has shocked the internet once again after he posted a shirtless photo of himself on his Instagram for his 50th birthday just recently. Jared Leto will be starring in the upcoming superhero film ‘Morbius’ which is expected to be released this January 2022.

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Christine Ko

Christine Ko is a Taiwanese-American actress and has appeared in a number of films and TV series. She is notably known for her role as Emma on the CBS sitcom The Great Indoors and also Emma on the series Dave. Christine continues to impress critics and fans alike for her skill in acting and portraying significant roles on screen.

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Tiffany Cooks 

Tiffany, more known as Tiffy, rose to fame on TikTok for her aesthetically pleasing and captivating food videos. Tiffany has over 690K followers on Instagram and 2 million on TikTok. She shares yummy recipes and tutorials through 60-second videos on her social media platforms, guaranteed to garner a thousand likes at a minimum.

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Kayla Kilbride

Kayla Kilbride is the creator of Girls Talk Stocks. With a massive following of 230K on TikTok, she posts videos sharing information about the stock market. She is motivated by her mission to empower women to learn and try out their hands in trading and business. She makes learning about stocks fun, easy, and informative!

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Qdaboss or Quentin Brown is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Empowered Dynasty. He is known for sharing his knowledge and insights as a real estate investor himself. He has garnered over 300K followers on TikTok, popular for his short motivational videos. Qdaboss inspires other people by sharing the lessons he has learned from his own experiences in life, relationships, and business.

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Sara Banerjee

California native Sara Banerjee is an actor and artist from the Bay Area who has appeared on Criminal Minds Beyond Borders (CBS), Passions (NBC), and the film American Blend; and was a semi-finalist for the ABC Discovers program. She was a semi-finalist in the CBS diversity showcase and has appeared in national commercials for 24 Hour Fitness, 3-M, and Logitech. She also hosts her own podcast and show.

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Ray Wimley

Ray Wimley is a musician. He is known for his freestyle raps which have over 100K views on TikTok. He incorporates and talks about current events and issues which also serve as inspiration to thousands of people to pursue their passion and purpose in life.

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Jarom Su’a 

Producer and sample composer Jarom Su’a’s mission is to create a unique world of sound by blending contemporary and soul textures and dark unique soundscapes with hints of Latin-inspired groove and melody. His samples can be found in his online music library at

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Eliana Su’a

Eliana Su’a is a promising young actress and writer known for portraying Sam Hobbs in the well-known movie Fast & Furious: Presents Hobbs & Shaw and recently as Emma Beltran in the FOX series 9-1-1. Aside from acting, she’s also pursuing a career in screenwriting. With the goal of continuing a career in film and being a producer in the future, we can’t wait to see more of Eliana!

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Liza Kaye

Pianist Liza Kaye is a talented musician known for her covers of popular songs. She’s a master with the keys. Liza puts her own spin and flair to existing songs and turns them to jaw-dropping remixes.

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Vinnie Potestivo

Vinnie Potestivo is an Emmy Award-Winning Media Advisor. And if you think that’s amazing, he’s also a brand strategist and content coach with trusted credentials. He is also the host of I Have A Podcast where his goal is to inspire and help people tap into their inner creativity.

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Sami Swanson

Sami Swanson is a TikTok superstar with over a million followers. She posts funny skits alongside her boyfriend Corey Brooks. Her videos amass a million views on average with her most popular ones having at least 3 million likes. Sami continues to bring joy to people’s lives through her crazy antics and bubbly personality.

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Sunset Media Co. 

The only organization that made it onto our list. Sunset Media Company is a marketing agency that specializes in social media management, from content creation down to your reels – they are all about branding! They are a company that came about during the start of the pandemic and has now garnered many loyal clients.

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Jackie Hartlaub 

Jackie Hartlaub is the mastermind behind @lowcarbstateofmind on Instagram. Her page has close to 600k followers. She shares healthy but delicious recipes. Jackie also released an e-book that includes 65 of her most popular recipes.

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Dakota Lyn 

A 15-year-old aspiring sports photographer, Dakota Lyn is putting in the work towards her dream of becoming a pro. Her Instagram page is filled with noteworthy shots of athletes in motion, showcasing her eye for action. With such a great portfolio, it wouldn’t be long before we see her photos in sports magazines.

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Stefanie Yunger 

Actor, comedian, and writer Stefanie Yunger is of Ukrainian and Moldovian descent. She is now a TV and film actress based in LA. She is a Meisner-trained actor and does Improv at The Groundlings.

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Anesh Daya

Anesh Daya is the Founder and Director of Studies of On the Spot Language, an ESL academy based in Toronto, Canada. Anesh is also passionate about learning languages which is one of the reasons he decided to create a better way to learn English. Anesh Daya is an inspiration by living a life of passion and purpose using his skills and knowledge to provide quality education to many. He is an award-winning educator and the catalyst for The Disruptive Education Conference.

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Niamani Knight

Founder of Stream Global Innovations, Niamani Knight is an advocate for ensuring that each and every student has equal access to education and career opportunities. She launched the non-profit organization in 2015 when she was just 13 years old. Since the program’s launch, Niamani has accomplished direct work with over 31,000 of her peers in 24 states and 11 countries.

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Martha Milan

Multi-faceted and talented Australian-Filipino actress Martha Millan is someone to keep an eye out for with the highly anticipated “Cleaning Lady” on Fox starting Jan. 3rd. Martha is also an acting teacher for children. She previously taught acting for extracurricular and after-school programs in Brooklyn public schools until COVID hit and she decided to create her own global online drama education program for children aged 10-16 years old based all over the world. Martha is also a world traveler and continues to stay healthy and fit by running every day and practicing high-intensity training. Martha is an advocate for diversity and is proud to be starring on a series portraying Filipinos.

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