Adonis Armstrong: Adapt and Overcome Any Challenge

Please introduce yourself. What do you do? Why? What do you want people to know about you? 

I am an award winning actor and filmmaker from Jackson, MS. Yes Jackson, Mississippi and I wear it like a badge of honor being from Mississippi. I am also former professional football player before shifting his career in acting. I graduated from East Carolina University where I majored in Communications. I had a brief shot with the Cleveland Browns before they let me go. I played professionally for the Indoor Football League as well. I actually won a championship with the Sioux Falls storm football team. I also coached football for about 5 years before I moved to LA to begin my acting career. I had stops in Mississippi my former high school, North Carolina, and Washington D.C.

I also has been in multiple commercials from Gatorade, Disney Plus, Coldwell Banking, and more. I also starred and help direct in the award winning short films, “SKANDALOUZ” and “Deadly Thoughts” where he achieved multiple awards for Best Drama Films and Best Debut Filmmaker.

Other random things about me I absolutely love music. Music is life there’s a song for everything in this world. My favorite is Hip Hop and when I say Hip Hop I mean the true essences of the genre.

What qualities make you different and unique from everyone else in the industry?

Adapt is a very very common word used in this industry. I am a actor, director, writer, and producer but what makes me unique is my athletic background. I know it’s very cliché to say but I sports helps me and gives me a extra boost in the industry. It also taught me how to face adversity and get through life lessons. So I believe my athletic background makes me different in this industry because as a athlete I had to learn how to adapt with any given situation.

Describe THAT moment when you realized you’re doing what you were born to do. 

When I did my first background role and received nothing put positive responses and well wishes. I then knew then it was bigger than me. I do it for my family & friends back home as long as I make them proud I am fine. Especially to the family who saw me perform at a family reunion in 1999. It’s a great feeling when they tell me now they’ve seen it all along.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to go through and how did you grow through it?

I would say the biggest challenge was leaving a sport “football” I loved since a kid. I always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to do something with entertainment. But football overshadowed everything. So in 2018 I seen Black Panther and I was amazed by all the people of color on the screen. It was life changing and I knew I wanted to represent for my people well. It was a leap of faith people questioned my decision saying I was a football guy people don’t make it as entertainers often. So I just put my head down and started to work and now I am seeing the benefits of my labor to the craft.

Who are the TOP 3 people you’d want to meet that could elevate your career or business?  Why these specific individuals?

It’s so many excellent people I could mention here. With that being said Denzel Washington, Deon Taylor, and Ryan Coogler. All three of these men are winning at a high level in the entertainment industry right now. Especially being a person of color I believe I can fit right into that high level as well as I continue to grow to motivate the next generations.

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