Backstreet Boys Give Back $25,000 to help Boy Band First Day of School On THE KELLY CLARKSON SHOW

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. April 6, 2022 – On today’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly interviewed brothers Bradley (12) and Bowie Bundlie (9) of First Day of School (@fdosofficial) and revealed not 1, not 2, but 3 huge surprises for the hardworking musical duo! During the 10 minute sit-down couch interview, Kelly highlighted the boy’s generosity of donating all proceeds from their hard-earned tip money to various charities. When Kelly asked the boys about their musical influences, they listed some artists and Bradley said “The Backstreet Boys” in particular, because “they do it all… they sing and dance at the same time!” Bradley mentioned that he and his brother are also dancers.


Kelly then introduced the first surprise as AJ, Brian, Nick, Kevin and Howie of The Backstreet Boys entered the studio to the shock of the audience and FDOS! Lead singer Brian took the mic, and said how inspired they are by Bradley and Bowie for all that FDOS is doing and working so hard to give back. Next, he invited FDOS to be guests at their upcoming LA Concert! The final surprise came when Brian announced that The Backstreet Boys wanted to donate $25,000 to Bradley and Bowie’s organization, a surprise to everyone, even Kelly!! 


FDOS also announced, on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the release of their first single EXIST, and that all proceeds from the sale of the song would be donated to NO KID HUNGRY, an initiative through Share Our Strength, that gets food into the hands of school aged kids!
This super talented duo features Bradley on guitar/vocals, and Bowie on keyboard/vocals. Bowie and Bradley began street performing, (or busking), two and a half years ago, on their actual ‘first day of school’! They started on Santa Monica Beach, but now regularly perform on the Third Street Promenade’s Center Stage in Santa Monica. Their “Decades” show has been drawing crowds as they journey through musical styles from the 1940s to the 2020s. As the decades change, so do their costumes! 

The charitably-natured brothers regularly donate the proceeds of their tips to their favorite causes through their own org, It Starts With 1 (@itstartswith1_). Their earlier donations have gone to helping anti-bullying organizations, preserving an historic Santa Monica High School building, helping the Malibu Foundation, adopting Rwandan gorillas, Team Seas, Toys For Tots, Heal the Bay, St Judes, Ronald McDonald House, creating Homeless Packs for the holidays, and they even did some fundraising for their favorite math teacher, Kirk, who lost everything during the 2021 fires.

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