Falcon Publicity Teams Up with Modern Indie Rockers Monotronic: New Single “Sun Song” Released

The Falcon Publicity team is excited to announce we’ve recently joined forces with modern indie rockers Monotronic.

Created from the vision of guitarist/producer Ramsey Elkholy, Monotronic–which also includes a rotating cast of musicians that have played with everyone from Daft Punk to Joe Jackson to Robert Randolph–-combines his love for music with his inspiration from other cultures.

Incorporating elements of electronic and synth, pop and rock, as well as influences from Elkholy’s globetrotting travels, the music always leans heavy on heart and empathetic storytelling. Just check out Monotronic’s newly released single “Sun Song” (June 14, 2024).

“Sun Song” will appear on the next Monotronic album, Waiting For You, coming in early 2025. This marks the NYC-based band’s first new music in two years.

“The overarching theme of the song is about the tension between where we are and where we think we should be in life – both physically and metaphorically,” Elkholy shares of the newly released track.

“The protagonist is looking back on his life and wondering what could have been. The opening verse conjures images of being on a white sand beach, ‘living the dream’ in a tropical paradise. But by the end of the song, he realizes that this kind of happiness is illusory – a kind of mirage or facade of happiness.

He is left alone on the beach waiting for something or someone, while burdened by the realization that true fulfillment comes through shared experiences, through a life lived with others.” 

The song came together both slowly over time and quickly all at once. He goes on to share, “I had been playing the opening guitar riff on the sofa for many months without any lyrics or concept.

I think I was riffing on Nirvana’s ‘All Apologies’ initially, which then morphed into something else. And then one morning before heading to the studio I played the riff and out came ‘I don’t want to lose a minute of sleep, lying in bed and wondering what could have been.’

“At that point I knew I had a concept and the song kinda took off from there. We tracked most of the instrumental that day and the lyrics were finished about a week later. The song kinda wrote itself. And the outro lyric ‘waiting for you’ actually became the title of the record.”

A dynamic and curious creator, Elkholy, who also holds a doctorate in anthropology, draws upon his many observations of our diverse world in both his lyrical and musical compositions. Much of these influences are a result of his lengthy travels throughout India and Southeast Asia.

Spending two years backpacking throughout the world and studying Indian music in Calcutta, he later returned to Southeast Asia as a graduate student and lived among the Orang Rimba tribe in the rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia for two years.

His book Being and Becoming: Embodiment and Experience among the Orang Rimba of Sumatra is the culmination of his experiences in the jungle. 

Living this “collective” mode of life where the group is valued over the individual is an idea that Elkholy brings to Monotronic, where every musician is encouraged to bring their own creativity to produce truly “collective” music.

According to Elkholy, “Monotronic is a concept, whereby each instrument can be heard as a continuation of the other and the music sounds as one distinct whole, emanating from a single source.”

Monotronic will be releasing more new music in the coming months, leading up to the full-length release.

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