Hungarian Post-Rock Band Vihar Után Release the Heavier and Amospheric Full-Lengt “SONGS O PEOPLE”

The post-rock band, Vihar Után just released their full-lengt instrumental album on all streaming platforms. 3 songs have already been released by singles: „Disproportionate”, a heavier, more technical, progressive song that revolves around the theme of suffocation and imbalance, „For even the Great Oak bows”, which is a reinterpretation of the band’s first song, and „Your own forest”, the latest one which guides them through their inner woods with atmospheric melodies and elements from ethno, ambient and post-rock genres.

„With this song we take a step towards nature, towards our inner solutions to our outside problems. Your own forest will be one of the finishing pieces of the 11-song album, therefore it is more uplifting, celebratory, relaxed, joyful… it serves to resolve the listener and give guidance.

We aimed to show the possibility of inner transformation with the music video, which is necessary if we are to evolve as a human being. Our actress, Beáta Sipos played this exquisitely, playing into the motive of transformation, and also enjoyed the 3-day long shooting very much.

We used a lot of technically difficult solutions, like UV lamps in the middle of the night at a forest, we had to fight off huge insects and the cold, it was exhausting. The result, however, I believe, is genuinely beautiful, expressive, just like we wanted it to be… as beautiful as people can be, when they realize their potential. We hope to inspire, to motivate to start a journey inwards…” / Milán Leindler – drummer.

The Budapest based post-rock group, Vihar Után, spent the last few years writing and recording. They start the year with publishing a full instrumental genre album. The first song accompanied by a music video is already out titled „Disproportionate”.

The members reminisce about their past metal experience as they played together in Niburta and Tears of Kali. Disproportionate features 8-strings, polyrhythms, a dynamic and well-rounded sound, being a bit closer to the post-metal genre.

Vihar Után full instrumental album is a darker, heavier and more amospheric tone than their previous material. Listen here “Songs O People”: unsubscribe

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Vianka Petines
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