Irish Singer Songwriter Samuel Blaney Shares ‘Paradise’

Irish Singer Songwriter Samuel Blaney Shares ‘Paradise’

Second In A Series Of Improvised One-Take Singles

Irish singer-songwriter Samuel Blaney, releases a new single Paradise‘ the second in a series of improvised, one take tracks inspired by nature. The song is part of a set of tender love songs encapsulated in the symbolic transition of the seasons. Throughout these releases, listeners will follow Blaney, “throughout a winter into a spring.” The songs will be showcased on an EP set for a Spring ’24 release. 

Blaney says of the recording process: “I was in Ireland and had bought some land in Kerry and whilst I was renovating the old cottage I was making these songs. I had no power there and was off grid. Now I have solar but still all very basic. The songs were all acapella, sung into a handheld recorder. Then I thought to add some rhythms and the picking of guitar allowed for space to be kept. I hadn’t intended on making a record that was acoustic. I thought I might release songs that were acapella; at least try to find a way back to my voice, even if the songs were just for myself and the place.”

“Paradise is about all of the elements, many birds and weavings that build to a wind.. there are layered guitar plucks and strings and Adem was able to keep me clear and make the strokes gentle. I like that there are many parts to the song and still breath and space.”

Listen to ‘Paradise’ on YouTube:

“The songs were usually written in one take, recorded at dawn. Sometimes from a dream or vivid image, they are held together by the surrounding landscape which was silent and spacious. No lyric was prepared or written in advance; allowing a searching and vulnerability to form. The songs are tender because there was little outside noise, other than the birds and animals.”

It’s evident that Blaney’s themes, content, textures and lyrics are deeply embedded in the natural environment; a setting he both lives and works in, whether that be in the Ireland or Western California, the two places he calls home. 

“The songs are made when feeling lost. They aren’t about how I feel but how I imagine things could feel. So I made everything full, used lyrics that I might blush at for being too … romantic, feminine, intimate, loving. I was trying to light up a dark area that wasn’t responding to much else. I only got there by writing first with just my voice and then inviting in some sounds.”

Samuel’s earlier work was released under simply ‘Samuel’ and ‘Samuel and The Dragon’ and was described as ‘slow core synth’ by The Guardian. His debut EP Falling Star containing dreamy electronic production was released on Ninja Tune, receiving high praise from the likes of Pitchfork , Dazed and Dummy magazine. The follow up entitled Luv Cry was released by Big Dada and saw Samuel collaborating with British producer and composer Kwes, Scottish producer Lockah, and South African producer Okzharp resulting in a change in direction with R&B tinged pop sound. Luv Cry garnered praise from Pigeons and Planes and Clash Music. 

Now Samuel strips the music all down, releasing under his full name Samuel Blaney. 

Photo Credit: Suzi Corker 
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