Jon Meggison Stars in Halloween Fan Film “The Shape”

The Halloween Michael Meyers Fan Film “The Shape” is written and directed by directors Aaron Carlson, Chuck Lawson & Rion Smith and produced by CCC entertainment.  This feature film is based on the legendary Franchise of John Carpenter’s “Halloween” with a whole new storyline and twist. Released on October 1st, 2022, it has already been a major hit with the fans & already has over 30k streams. Halloween fans have given it a solid 10/10 and have rated it and compared it to be just as good as the Hollywood-produced Halloween Ends. The Shape fan film has some of the best talent in all of Seattle, WA. This movie is Led by Raymond Power who played Jake (actor, director, and producer) and is known for his roles in Kimi, Palido & many more. Kendra McDermott as Nancy who is known for the recently released Win a Trip to Browntown & Aaron Carlson (director-writer & producer) who was the role of Dean and Amy DiLorenzo known for her role in the recently released Friday The 13th Vengeance by Jason Brooks. 

When asked about his experience making this fan film Jon said that it has been the experience of a lifetime. He said  “You know there is SO much talent here in the Pacific Northwest and it’s crazy to me that it goes unnoticed. Making this feature I got to work with some of Seattle’s BEST & seeing how we were all able to come together and make something so magical & show people that studio films aren’t the only ones that can make good films. We did this with a zero budget & it blows my mind that we just did this because we love the art and the craft & I honestly didn’t know what to expect with this. We did this with the intention of telling a great story, having fun & to give the fans something they could enjoy. Plus it made sense with Halloween around the corner.”

Jon played the supporting role of Gail. Alongside Aaron Carlson who played his on-screen dad, Dean. Jon said “This by far was on of my favorite characters. It was awesome that I got to do some stunts & fights against Michael Meyers; which was my first time doing any stunts/combat. It was the coolest thing. You know growing up watching these movies & having the opportunity to fight Meyers in the back of a truck it’s like a childhood dream come true.” Jon was trained by Luis Alexander Barriga who is a combat teacher & also a stunt actor who played Michael Meyers in parts of this film. Meggison said “He was the best, before the camera started rolling Luis, really pumped me up and got me prepared & I couldn’t have thanked him enough” Jon (Gail) & Aaron (Dean) seek revenge as they hunt Michael down for what he did to their family. 

Jon said this was by far one the best groups of talent he’s ever gotten to share the screen with & he’s grateful to work and know all these talented people. He truly hopes this will start to bring notice to the talent here in the PNW. 

The shape (Halloween Fan Film) can now be viewed on YouTube just in time for Halloween!

Full Cast List

Dave Schecter
Lee Raymond
Tommie Tucker Jr
Laura Dizmang
Sharon Delaney
Sophia Zinkand
Carl Covington


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