Platinum Music Producer and Dj Valentino Khan Pivots into New Sound and Teams Up with Singer-Songwriter Cuco for “CLOSER”

The latest single, “Closer,” released on April 5th on Lovely Day/Imperial Music–brings together Valentiono Khan and Cuco,  two different but equally respected, genre-transcending Los Angeles artists. “Closer” by way of Khan’s masterful production highlighted by swirling synths and intricate beat patterns beautifully cushion Cuco’s atmospheric vocals for an indie dance track of next level audio sensory.

Listen to Valentino Khan ft Cuco “Closer” here:

“I stumbled on Cuco’s music one day and was blown away.  ‘Under The Sun’ was what really stood out to me in particular.  So I messaged him and to my surprise he said he used to play my song ‘Deep Down Low’ on repeat,” says Valentino Khan.

“ Long story short, we got in the studio together and made a song that is a perfect blend of our sounds.  It was such an incredibly collaborative & refreshing studio session and I’m truly proud of this one.”

The release of “Closer” comes in hot after Valentino Kahn’s recent POWERLINE EP. An extension of the Los Angeles party started by Khan of the same name, the EP–which features collaborations from the legendary Uffie, Bipolar Sunshine, Pauline Herr and Sarah de Warren– is his love letter to his ride-or-die audience who have proven to stick with him through his evolution and the waves of exploration in his sound.

Although he made his name with the world of house music, Khan decided to dive into the world of techno, a sub-genre with groundbreaking momentum in the dance community. With “Closer” he pivots again for a unique and inviting sound leaning into dream-pop places.

Upcoming Valentino Khan Shows: 

04/12 – Urbana, IL – The Canopy Club

04/13 – Hollywood, FL – DAER Nightclub

04/14 – Tampa, FL – WTR Pool

04/19 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Monarch

04/20 – Minneapolis, MN – Skyway Theatre

04/26 – Columbus, OH – Forum

04/27 – Washington DC – Project Glow (B2B Deorro)

05/04 – Fullerton, CA – CSUF Spring Concert

05/19 – Las Vegas, NV – EDC Las Vegas

05/25 – Seattle, WA – Victory Hall

06/07 – San Diego, CA – Nova SD

08/09 – Boston, MA – Royale Boston

08/16 – Sank Pölten, Austria – FM4 Frequency

08/31 – Juárez, MX – Supremo


Omar Banos—aka Cuco—was climbing one day late last July when he felt an agonizing pain in his right shoulder. At the hospital, doctors gave Banos a jolt of ketamine to ease the pain of his injury, a dislocated shoulder. But the medication sent him into a trance-like vortex wherein he became viscerally aware of the fragility of existence.

As Banos wrestled with these existential thoughts, his mind also wandered towards the people we meet in our lives, the ones who inform and shape who we become. Traditionally he would have found solace by drowning his thoughts in a variety of other substances, but instead he opted to cope by staying sober and creating a universe all his own through new music.

As a result, with his new EP Hitchhiker out now via Interscope Records, Banos has made some of the strongest and, ironically, most psychedelic music of his career in a state of sobriety.

Recorded at Big Bad Studios in Los Angeles and produced by Michael Beinhorn, Hitchhiker’s six songs see Banos refining his inherent songwriting talents with introspective wordplay and heady rhythms. For Banos, Hitchhiker not only became a means to unpack these unexpected experiences, it also charts a new trajectory in his own life.

Banos hopes it provides listeners the opportunity to reflect — and perhaps find clarity within themselves, too. “We don’t get enough time to sit with ourselves, and talk to ourselves, and reflect on what’s going on in our lives,” Banos says.


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The world was introduced to Valentino Khan in 2014 when he burst onto the scene with his debut EP In Khan We Trust on Skrillex’s OWSLA label. After gaining traction with the EP,  a year later Khan’s original track “Deep Down Low” became an international sensation,  earning the title of “Most Played Track Of The Year” and topping Sirius XM’s#1 Song of  2015 on Electric Area.

Since then, he has earned a reputation as a remix master with official renditions of RL Grime’s “Pressure,” Alison Wonderland’s “Good Enough,” Calvin  Harris & Dua Lipa’s “One Kiss,” Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj’s “Swish Swish” and more. 

A decade in, Khan has continued his success in the dance world with huge tracks like ”Pump,” “Lick It,”  “Gold” with Sean Paul, “Novocaine” with Kayzo and “Pony” – from his House Party EP that debuted at #1 on the Apple Music Dance charts and has received critical praise across the board.

His latest release is the POWERLINE EP which features Bipolar Sunshine, Uffie, Pauline Herr and Sarah De Warren, celebrates his passion for techno and the underground nightlife culture around it.

In addition to releasing his own music, Khan has produced tracks for high-profile artists including “Welcome to the Party” with Diplo, French  Montana and Lil Pump which went RIAA Platinum in the United States, as well as tracks for 2 Chainz, B.O.B., Dizzee Rascal, Iggy Azalea, T.I. and more.

His collaborations as a producer further include working with Major Lazer on the RIAA Gold song “Bubble Butt” featuring Bruno Mars & Tyga, which has proven to be a main stage staple for years.


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