Kelley Cole Releases Pop Single “Fantasy” This July 1st 2022

About The Artist

Alternative Pop artist, Kelley Cole is energized by the dark, gritty, and dramatic reimaginations of everyday life. Hailing from Nashville Tennessee, she writes, performs, and produces her stories from a place of intense urgency. She prides herself with exploring the thinning lines of genre, by strolling between the tendencies of dark pop, alternative, and pop rock.

Ms. Cole explores the topics of infatuation, independence, and transformation, in a captivating modern voice. she writes of the 20-something experience with all of its electric emotions and primitive spirit.

About Fantasy

Glittering, gutsy, and unyielding, Kelley Cole’s latest single, Fantasy, is the next woman power pop anthem. It’s the kind of hype up you’d find in the girl’s bathroom at the club; sincerely energizing and benevolent. It’s driven by buzzing 808’s, expansive synthesis, and striking lyricism.

Self-Produced, Self-Written, and Self-Confident Ms. Cole asserts her mastery of modern pop fanaticism. In Fantasy, she harps on the sloppiness of the male dating pool with unapologetic jabs such as “you’re privileged needy can’t keep a car clean” and “sick of trying to feed your ego” while expressing a refreshing narcissism towards her own worth.

In the unforgettable hook Ms. Cole chants, with unmistakable certainty, “you could never be enough for me” and we all believe her. Reveling in the ornate and opulent essence of Maximalist Pop, Ms. Cole stops at nothing to be heard.

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