Singer-Songwriter Kayla Vega And Her Passion For Performing

Please introduce yourself. What do you do? Why? What do you want people to know about you?

I’m a 26-year-old singer-songwriter from the Charlotte, NC area although I was born and raised in New York.

I started to strum a guitar at the age of 3 and began singing shortly after. I love performing my songs in front of people (the bigger the crowd, the better). I am looking forward to traveling with my guitar in hand and music in my heart hoping to put smiles on a lot of faces.

I’ve played at The Blue Bird Cafe, Tootsies & Margaritaville in Nashville; the Blumenthal theatre and the Evening Muse in Charlotte, and lots of places in between from New York to South Carolina. I’ve opened up many sporting events singing the National Anthem and entertained and educated students on many levels.

What qualities make you different and unique from everyone else in the industry?

I desire longevity in the industry and strive to create the best content that I can.

I’m always critical of my own work, which makes me proactive in bettering myself.

Describe THAT moment when you realized you’re doing what you were born to do.

Music is the only thing that I am hyper passionate about.

Being a musician is hardwired into me. I’ve been playing music and performing my entire life.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to go through and how did you grow through it?

The biggest challenge has been the pandemic because it’s only one part to be a songwriter. A huge percentage of what I do is performing.

My energy is fueled by the audience, so being isolated from fans has been difficult.

Who are the TOP 3 people you’d want to meet that could elevate your career or business? Why these specific individuals?

Taylor Swift, because she inspired me to start writing music.

Kelly Clarkson, because she is the reason I learned that music can be a career.

Elton John, because he has been in the industry forever and has continued to chart. He has extensive knowledge of the industry and has dealt with certain hardships that younger artists haven’t dealt with. His wisdom is inspiring.

Drop your social media links.

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Vianka Petines
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