Stream Global Innovations Celebrates 7th Year Anniversary

The Stream Global Innovations 7th Year Anniversary event was attended by many notable figures, including Google, Amazon, Lockheed Martin, and PPG.

The nonprofit organization started by Niamani Knight when she was 13 years old strives to reimagine the world as a place where diversity and access are normalized – not exceptions.

Since its launch in 2014, over 31 thousand of her peers have been reached through direct work in 24 states and 11 countries. This year’s anniversary is just one example of the amazing impact that this program has had on so many people!

Actor Sara Banerjee hosted the red carpet event that saw the likes of City of Santa Clarita Mayor, Bill Miranda grace the carpet, as well as shinning star actress Daniele Denise Lawson of the new King Richard Film. 

The night’s festivities also included a surprise unveiling of individuals who were given prestigious awards of recognition. These amazing individuals were not expecting to be highlighted so the surprise was grand and fulfilling. 

Stream Global is poise the success of students and communities in need globally. By valuing diverse ideas and people, we use imagination + innovation to foster creativity that challenges barriers.​

About Niamani Knight

Niamani Knight is the 20-year-old co-founder of S.T.R.E.A.M Kids ExpoTM, along with her mother, Nikia Richards.

Knight knew several of her peers (and students in general) appeared to struggle with some of the fundamental educational skill sets required for short and long-term success after being chosen at the age of 13 to participate in the first Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA Program) in Lancaster, CA. 

She knows that these academic boulders can only be climbed via industry expertise, interactive learning, and peer assistance.

As a result, rather than creating a product to sell in the YEA program, Knight developed a platform for students and businesses to exhibit their abilities and explore options.

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