Vee Henny Revamps Prominent Platform; The Artistry

Vee Henny is an exemplary figure in the world of music who has worked her way up the ladder in the industry. Her platform The Artistry has been catching the attention of onlookers for many years and, as of late, she has turned things up a notch!

With influential guests and her captivating personality, Vee Henny has made the decision to solely focus on the rising of The Artistry and take a step back from showcases. Throughout the duration of her career thus far, she has been a key component in providing independent music artists with a platform to display their talents. Although this may be something she revisits in the future, Vee Henny’s love for The Artistry has grown tremendously.

Vee Henny has invited guests such as Kenstarrrz, J-Hatch, Big Yellow, Spyder (Black Ink Crew), Jia the Jiant, Tonee Marino, and Chicklet & Maleni to The Artistry. As she garners more viewers, followers, and subscriptions, Vee Henny will undoubtedly become a top ranking influencer, setting the tone for a plethora of independent platforms.

Be sure to subscribe to The Artistry on YouTube so you can tune into her one-of-a-kind interviews with emerging creatives!

Also, follow her on Instagram to keep up to date with her work!


Julz Mancini
Julz Mancini
Julz is an entertainment writer with deep connections to the industry. Her years of experience allow for a robust perspective to shine through her content while also serving as a top consultant to artists.


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