"Who Won Squid Game": A Deep Dive into the Riveting Conclusion

"Squid Game", a South Korean series, not only captured hearts worldwide but also posed some pressing societal questions. This piece will delve into the climactic question that left audiences on the edge of their seats: who won Squid Game? Before proceeding, a spoiler alert is in order: if you've not yet seen the show, you might want to bookmark this for later!

Understanding the Premise of "Squid Game"

Before we dive into the winner, Lucky Coins it's paramount to grasp the essence of the game. "Squid Game" is a commentary on societal disparities, focusing on desperate individuals partaking in a series of children's games with life and death at stake.

The Games and Their Significance

  • Red Light, Green Light: A game of obedience and alertness. Players move during "Green Light" but must freeze during "Red Light". Those caught moving are eliminated.
  • Tug of War: A test of teamwork and strategy over sheer strength.
  • Marbles: A poignant game that evokes memories, regrets, and confronts individual moralities.
  • Bridge of Glass: A game of pure luck, symbolizing life's unpredictability.
  • Squid Game: A complex game testing physical and strategic prowess, encapsulating the entirety of life's challenges.

The Contestants: Hope, Desperation, and Resilience

At its core, "Squid Game" isn’t just about winning. It mirrors life’s struggles and the dire lengths to which people would go when pushed against the wall.

Seong Gi-hun

A down-and-out protagonist, Seong Gi-hun's journey is heart-wrenching. From an honest worker to a gambler, his life takes tumultuous turns, pushing him to join the game.

Cho Sang-woo

Gi-hun's childhood friend and a stark contrast in character, Cho Sang-woo’s fall from grace, from a top business graduate to a criminal, is both tragic and chilling.

Kang Sae-byeok

The North Korean defector's narrative provides a fresh perspective on freedom, survival, and the meaning of family.

So, Who Won Squid Game?

The million-dollar question (or should we say 45.6 billion won?): Who came out triumphant? It was Seong Gi-hun, our flawed yet relatable protagonist. But did he truly "win"? The emotional and psychological toll the game takes on him begs the question: Is the monetary victory worth the trauma and loss?

The True Cost of Winning

Despite being the last man standing, Gi-hun's victory is bittersweet. The loss of friends and witnessing the depths of human desperation taint his win. The money, which once seemed like salvation, now feels like a heavy burden.

The Final Dilemma

The series concludes with Gi-hun's decision not to board a plane to see his daughter, choosing instead to challenge the game's creators. This decision embodies the series' essence: life is more than just games and victories; it's about challenging the system and standing up for what's right.


Was the prize money real?

The 45.6 billion won prize is fictional, symbolic of the societal disparity the series highlights.

Why did Gi-hun dye his hair red after winning?

The red hair symbolizes his transformation, rebirth, and perhaps a constant reminder of the blood spilled in the games.

Will there be a sequel?

As of now, there's speculation, but nothing confirmed. Audiences worldwide are eagerly awaiting an announcement!

In Conclusion: The True Essence of Victory

The question of who won Squid Game is both simple and intricate. While Seong Gi-hun emerged as the victor, the series profoundly delves into what victory truly means. In the game of life, victories are often overshadowed by the journeys, the struggles, skrill online casino and the choices made along the way.





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